NFL Teams and who do they charter????????????

I used to work the ramp for Delta in Indianapolis and I got to work one NFL charter while I was a ramp agent. I actualy worked two one plane came in as live Delta flight…it was a 757 and Delta dose not fly heavy aircraft into IND, so of coarse it had to come to the terminal what a treat for us considering the largest A/C that we worked with was a MD88. I did cabin service on it, it was an interesting experince. I was so used to cleaning the 88’s alone! I worked on a 767 when the Cleavland Browns were in town. That was treat for me I never worked with a 767 before.

I would like to know what the NFL teams charter. It has been a year since I worked the ramp during football season and I can’t recall all of the teams that fly Delta, the ones that came into town to play the Colts anyway…well that is besides Cleavland! And the Colts.

I appriciate any information.


Here is a link to a thread that has “Aircraft Worth Following”.