Philly Eagles Mutliple Charters


When looking at some of the NFL charters today, it looks as if the Philadelphia Eagles chartered two flights back to Philly after their (humiliating) loss. The two planes took off minutes apart, followed the same flight path, and landed minutes apart. How often is it for a sports team to do something like this?

The first flight was DAL9784, a 752, and the second was DAL9825. a 738.


One for offense and defense? A 757 has enough room for each player to have his own row (just ABC or DEF). After a humiliating loss they might need a teeny tiny bit more room.


In other charter news, it appears the Detroit Tigers will be riding in style tonight.

I wouldn’t mind taking an A333 from Detroit to St. Louis. :slight_smile:


Yeah, but you gotta remember that teams travel with players, coaches, team managers, trainers, scouts, members of the press (a la the “Philadelphia Eagles Radio Network,” etc.), and other team employees and officials. By the time you pack them and their stuff in, you could probably come close to filling both of these aircraft.


It could also be that one aircraft was a charter for fans.


Do you know if this is SOP for a regular season NFL game? I know they charter fans for the Super Bowl, as well as college Bowl games, but I’ve never heard of anything more than an airline adding a few daily flights around a regular season game, and those instances were for BIG games. Just wonderin’.


this may be a stupid question but where did you find all the NFL team charters? Is there a list somewhere?


Not stupid at all. There are no lists I know of, and I do all the searching myself. After games, I search for flights going from the home team area to the away team area with charter flight numbers, and vice versa before the game.


There is actually an entire thread listing things like pro/college/NASCAR flights (actually, some are N-numbers). Too tired to make a link to it, but you can use the search at the top to find it.

Uh, Roll Tide or is it War Eagle?

Just messing with you. If you are a Bama fan, hopefully we (Tulsa) will see you in the Liberty Bowl. Media will have a field day around here with the fact that Dave Rader was the head coach here for 12 seasons.


The 737 was for Andy Reed. He put the 757 over the weight limit :laughing:


Roll Tide…everyone around here wants to fire Rader…Bama’s offense is terrible.

thans for the info


The 2nd (MD80) was a marketing charter…


FYI…Shula calls the plays, not Rader. The O-coord title is just that, a title. Rader is the fall guy for Shula.


I’m thinking that perhaps the Eagles’ players/coaches brought along their families for the game down in sunny Florida?? Under the Eagles’ old contract with NW, they were allowed one regular season upgrade from a 757 to a 747 or DC-10 for just such a purpose…obviously DL doesn’t have a 747 or DC-10 to offer the Eagles, and Im not sure that the jump from 757 to 767-300/400 is enough to hold all the families and the players/coaches in one shot, so perhaps they just split it into two flights…