Patriots Flight Home

Here is the link to the Patriots Charter home from San Diega from last night and early this morning. I am pretty sure it must be it. Cant imagine any other reason a Delta 767 was arriving at TF Green at

Yeah, that flight number has been used for the Pats’ charter aircraft all season. Just dropped them off in IND, then headed back to ATL

I tracked the Pats this weekend and found the Saints as well. One question though, why would the charter drop them in Indy, fly to Atlanta for the night and go right back to Indy the next day. The Saints charter did the same thing. Thanks for any info you have, it jsut seems the plane could be serviced in Indy/Chicago.

The aircraft was probably needed for a scheduled flight down in ATL, and then they sent another aircraft up for the team later. They probably figured they could make more money flying it back and sending it on its way than to have it sit on the ramp all night.

The flight from Indy to Boston probably seemed a lot longer than the transcon from San Diego last week… :smiling_imp:

Pats suck!!! Go Colts

They do indeed.

I wouldn’t go that far. They came close to making their, what, 5th Super Bowl in about 7 years? (Plus, my cousin is good friends with Mike Vrabel of the Pats, who SHOULD HAVE BEEN the Super Bowl MVP a few years back when they beat the Panthers. All he did was record 2 sacks, a forced fumble, and he came in on offense as TE and caught a TD pass. Golden Boy Brady was named MVP. :imp: )

I wasn’t talking about their football skills. :wink: