Super Bowl Charters


Post the who’s who here. I know the Patriots are leaving today, the Giants are leaving tomorrow.



I’m sure all the stars will leave this week.


Anyone have any guesses as to why the Patriots are flying out of Boston instead of Providence for the first time this year?


Hmm…this particular flight was in a 764…they had been using a 763 all year prior to this. Would a 764 be too heavy for Providence maybe?


USA Today story; Private-jet companies score in Super Bowl.


It’s a planespotter’s wonderland around the PHX area. The madness started yesterday. These three satellite airports will see the most activity this weekend.

The latest word is that KSDL is only taking drop-offs, there is no more ramp space.

The Phoenix Open Golf Tourney is also this weekend and the course is about 2 miles north of KSDL. University of Phoenix (Cardinals) Stadium, where they are playing the Super Bowl is about 5 miles east of KGEU. KDVT sits in the middle of both.


Saw this beauty come off KSDL a little while ago. Any ideas as to who/what was aboard?


I’d love to see a pic of the packed ramp at KSDL.


Count of departures at area airports 1930mst to 0000 mst:

sdl: 38
dvt: 37
geu: 34
gyr: 31

likely a bunch more from phx. More exciting in the skies after the game than the game. The game was pretty good, though.


Check this out if you want to watch/listen to the action.


My scanner is smokin’ right now. What’s amazing is listening to the folks coming off of the uncontrolled airports trying to pick-up their IFR clearances enroute. They are literally taking off nose to tail and then getting frustrated with Tracon for not answering up. It’s pretty hilarious.

Right now there are at least 10-12 airplanes trying to figure out what to do as they circle north of PHX @ 16,500.

For the ones doing it right, PHX Tracon is doing a masterfull job!


Go Giants!!! 17-14! What a game! I never thought the Giants would pull off a TD on their last drive! …or a W for that matter. Simply incredible.


Pat’s flight home from Phx — bet that plane is quiet.

no Giants flight yet…



18 and NO!




And the extra flights aren’t done yet…there are always more that depart the next day. Dont forget about Mesa’s airports, Falcon Field and Williams Gateway. Sure, it’s quite a bit further from the stadium requiring probably a 30-40 minute drive, but the activity is there.


I heard the Patriots motorcade going to the airport on that ATC link (posted above) last night. The police choppers were giving up their location.


I believe this was the Patriots flight home, as it is the flight # they used all season. Although DAL9801 - DAL9805 were all headed from PHX-BOS today. Also, flight aware lost track of both the Giants and Patriots flights home.


This years Superbowl-final (03rd of February) was played in Phoenix. This final is a guarantee for lots of bizjet-movements.

Below you will find a full bizjet-log of the day before, the day itself and the after the Superbowl-final. Following airports we did visit these 3 days:

Deer Valley Municipal Apt. (DVT), 02+03+04 Feb '08
Glendale Municipal Apt. (GEU), 02 Feb '08
Goodyear Apt. (GYR), 02 Feb '08
Mesa Falcon Field Apt. (MSC), 02+04 Feb '08
Mesa Williams Gateway Apt. (AZA), 02 Feb '08
Scottsdale Apt. (SCF), 02+03+04 Feb '08
Sky Harbor International Apt. (PHX), 02+03+04 Feb '08

And now on with the log:

C-FBXL Ce560XL (SCF 2-Feb)
C-FDMM Prem. 1 (SCF 3-Feb)
C-FKJM CL601 (PHX 4-Feb)
C-FTVC Hs125 (MSC 2-Feb)
C-FTXL Ce560XL (DVT 2-Feb)
C-FYUL Ce550 (SCF 2-Feb)
C-GCIX Ce650 (SCF 2-Feb)
C-GHKY CL604 (SCF 2-Feb)
C-GHMP LJ45 (PHX 2-Feb)
C-GJET Fa10 (SCF 2-Feb)
C-GJLB Fa50EX (SCF 3-Feb)
C-GMMI CL601 (SCF 4-Feb)
C-GQJJ Ce501 (SCF 2-Feb)
C-GQPJ Ce501 (SCF 2-Feb)
C-GSSK Ce550 (SCF 4-Feb)
C-GTDK Ce550 (SCF 2-Feb)
HB-IGM Gulf. 550 (PHX 2-Feb)
HL7749 BD700 (PHX 3-Feb)
N100GN Gulf. 4 (PHX 2-Feb)
N100HF Gulf. 4 (GEU 2-Feb)
N101AR Be400 (PHX 1-Feb)
N101UD LJ60 (SCF 2-Feb)
N105CJ Ce525B (MSC 2-Feb)
N105UP CL601 (SCF 2-Feb)
N10FE CL601 (PHX 2-Feb)
N10SE LJ40 (SCF 2-Feb)
N111FK CL601 (SCF 4-Feb)
N1125M LJ55 (SCF 2-Feb)
N114CJ Ce525B (SCF 3-Feb)
N115BB Ce525 (PHX 3-Feb)
N115WF CL601 (GEU 2-Feb)
N117DJ Ce501 (DVT 2-Feb)
N11LK CL601 (PHX 2-Feb)
N124BC Westwind (SCF 2-Feb)
N125CK Hs125 (SCF 2-Feb)
N125ST CL601 (PHX 4-Feb)
N125ZZ Hs125 (PHX 2-Feb)
N129BT Be400 (DVT 2-Feb)
N129WA Gulf. 2B (DVT 3-Feb)
N12GY Ce525 (MSC 2-Feb)
N12NZ Gulf. 4 (SCF 2-Feb)
N132SD Gulf. 5 (SCF 2-Feb)
N147QS Be400 (PHX 3-Feb)
N150NC Hs125 (PHX 3-Feb)
N154G Gulf. 4 (SCF 2-Feb)
N155BC LJ55 (SCF 2-Feb)
N156ML Ce525 (SCF 2-Feb)
N157QS Be400 (SCF 2-Feb)
N15BV Ce525 (PHX 4-Feb)
N15CV Ce550 (SCF 2-Feb)
N162JB Hs125 (SCF 3-Feb)
N162JC Gulf. 5 (PHX 3-Feb)
N168CE Fa2000EX (SCF 3-Feb)
N168VA Gulf. 2SP (PHX 3-Feb)
N1693L Ce510 (GEU 2-Feb)
N169HM Gulf. 2 (MSC 2-Feb)
N16GH Hs125 (SCF 2-Feb)
N170TM Ce525A (DVT 4-Feb)
N175BC Fa2000 (SCF 2-Feb)
N176WS LJ31A (DVT 4-Feb)
N1776A Hs125 (GYR 2-Feb)
N178WG Ce525A (SCF 4-Feb)
N17NC Gulf. 3 (PHX 3-Feb)
N17TZ CL604 (DVT 3-Feb)
N180CH Gulf. 4 (GYR 2-Feb)
N1818C Gulf. 4 (SCF 3-Feb)
N181CR Gulf. 4 (PHX 2-Feb)
N181J CL604 (SCF 2-Feb)
N181PA LJ31A (PHX 3-Feb)
N183TS LJ45 (SCF 2-Feb)
N188JF Be400 (PHX 3-Feb)
N18MV Fa2000 (SCF 2-Feb)
N18SK Fa10 (SCF 2-Feb)
N196KC Fa2000 (SCF 4-Feb)
N1987 CL604 (SCF 4-Feb)
N198HB LJ60 (PHX 2-Feb)
N198MR Fa50 (DVT 4-Feb)
N19HU Ce560 (SCF 2-Feb)
N19MK Ce680 (PHX 2-Feb)
N19VF Fa900 (SCF 2-Feb)
N1DC Gulf. 5 (PHX 2-Feb)
N1ED LJ31A (SCF 3-Feb)
N1KE Gulf. 5 (SCF 2-Feb)
N200KB LJ31A (SCF 2-Feb)
N201GA Gulf. 200 (SCF 2-Feb)
N202N LJ60 (SCF 4-Feb)
N203BA Be400 (GEU 2-Feb)
N203NC Fa50 (SCF 2-Feb)
N203QS Fa2000 (PHX 4-Feb)
N203TA CL604 (DVT 2-Feb)
N209FJ Fa900EX (SCF 3-Feb)
N210QS Fa2000 (PHX 4-Feb)
N211JL Fa10 (DVT 4-Feb)
N211MA Gulf. 4 (PHX 3-Feb)
N211TB BD100 (SCF 2-Feb)
N213AR LJ31A (DVT 3-Feb)
N215RS Hs125 (SCF 2-Feb)
N215RX Ce750 (SCF 3-Feb)
N218QS Fa2000 (SCF 2-Feb)
N220SC Ce560 (PHX 4-Feb)
N222LX Gulf. 5 (PHX 3-Feb)
N224GX BD700 (GEU 2-Feb)
N224QS Fa2000 (SCF 2-Feb)
N227HD Fa900EX (PHX 2-Feb)
N228RE Gulf. 4 (PHX 3-Feb)
N232QS Fa2000EX (PHX 3-Feb)
N233QS Fa2000EX (PHX 3-Feb)
N236N CL601 (DVT 2-Feb)
N236QS Fa2000 (PHX 4-Feb)
N239CD Fa20 (SCF 2-Feb)
N23LM Ce560XL (SCF 4-Feb)
N23TJ Fa10 (SCF 2-Feb)
N247AB Gulf. 2SP (PHX 2-Feb)
N247PL Fa20 (SCF 2-Feb)
N249FX LJ60 (SCF 2-Feb)
N24YS Gulf. 2 (SCF 2-Feb)
N251DD Ce500 (PHX 2-Feb)
N251KD Ce525A (SCF 2-Feb)
N256CC Ce550 (PHX 2-Feb)
N259QS Fa2000 (PHX 2-Feb)
N25GG CL604 (SCF 4-Feb)
N25WJ LJ25B (SCF 2-Feb)
N262PA Be400 (SCF 4-Feb)
N262QS Fa2000 (PHX 4-Feb)
N268PA Be400 (DVT 2-Feb)
N270MC Gulf. 3 (SCF 4-Feb)
N272BC LJ45 (DVT 2-Feb)
N273LP LJ45 (DVT 2-Feb)
N2758W LJ40 (SCF 2-Feb)
N275QS Fa2000 (PHX 3-Feb)
N278QS Fa2000 (SCF 2-Feb)
N279AJ LJ45 (SCF 2-Feb)
N288KA Gulf. 3 (SCF 2-Feb)
N290QS Fa2000 (PHX 4-Feb)
N292PC Fa50 (SCF 2-Feb)
N298QS Fa2000 (SCF 2-Feb)
N300GF Ce550 (SCF 3-Feb)
N300QS Ce680 (PHX 4-Feb)
N302MB Ce550 (PHX 2-Feb)
N305CF Gulf. 4 (SCF 2-Feb)
N306JR Ce525A (SCF 4-Feb)
N311GL Be400 (GEU 2-Feb)
N314QS Ce560 (PHX 2-Feb)
N314TC Hs125 (GEU 2-Feb)
N315QS Ce560 (PHX 4-Feb)
N316QS Ce560 (PHX 3-Feb)
N31FF LJ31A (DVT 3-Feb)
N322BC Hs125 (SCF 2-Feb)
N323JA Ce525 (SCF 2-Feb)
N323MP Hs125 (PHX 2-Feb)
N325QS Ce560 (PHX 3-Feb)
N327TL Gulf. 4 (PHX 2-Feb)
N328CS Ce550 (DVT 4-Feb)
N329FX CL604 (DVT 4-Feb)
N329TJ LJ55 (SCF 2-Feb)
N32HH LJ31A (PHX 2-Feb)
N333RL Hs125 (DVT 2-Feb)
N335VB Westwind (SCF 2-Feb)
N336MA Ce550 (SCF 4-Feb)
N338CL Gulf. 2 (SCF 2-Feb)
N33D Fa2000 (GYR 2-Feb)
N33NL Hs125 (PHX 4-Feb)
N343DP Gulf. 3 (SCF 2-Feb)
N345K LJ45 (SCF 2-Feb)
N346PC Fa2000EX (PHX 4-Feb)
N349K Gulf. 300 (SCF 2-Feb)
N349MC Westwind (SCF 2-Feb)
N349QS Ce680 (PHX 2-Feb)
N350BN IAI 1125 (GEU 2-Feb)
N351PJ LJ35A (PHX 4-Feb)
N354JC LJ35A (PHX 3-Feb)
N356BR Gulf. 3 (SCF 3-Feb)
N357KM Gulf. 3 (SCF 4-Feb)
N35GC LJ35A (SCF 2-Feb)
N35HS Ce650 (SCF 2-Feb)
N360AN LJ60 (SCF 3-Feb)
N361QS Ce560 (PHX 4-Feb)
N363QS Ce560 (SCF 2-Feb)
N364CL LJ35A (SCF 4-Feb)
N365QS Ce680 (PHX 3-Feb)
N373QS Ce560 (PHX 3-Feb)
N386QS Ce560 (PHX 3-Feb)
N388QS Ce680 (PHX 3-Feb)
N393GH Be400 (SCF 2-Feb)
N400MC Ce560 (PHX 2-Feb)
N400NF MU-300 (SCF 4-Feb)
N401HF Gulf. 550 (PHX 4-Feb)
N403CT Hs125 (SCF 4-Feb)
N404UK Fa2000EX (PHX 2-Feb)
N405QS Gulf. 450 (PHX 3-Feb)
N408MG LJ35A (SCF 4-Feb)
N408QS Gulf. 4 (SCF 4-Feb)
N408RT Hs125 (SCF 2-Feb)
N411AJ LJ40 (SCF 4-Feb)
N412DA Hs125 (DVT 2-Feb)
N420CS Ce525B (PHX 4-Feb)
N420GT Ce650 (PHX 3-Feb)
N422BC Ce650 (SCF 2-Feb)
N424QS Gulf. 4 (PHX 2-Feb)
N425QS Gulf. 450 (PHX 3-Feb)
N426PE CL601 (SCF 2-Feb)
N428QS Gulf. 4 (SCF 4-Feb)
N428WT Gulf. 5 (DVT 3-Feb)
N429FX LJ45 (DVT 4-Feb)
N429SA Gulf. 4 (DVT 4-Feb)
N429SJ Fa2000 (PHX 4-Feb)
N431LC Ce500 (DVT 4-Feb)
N43HF Ce560XL (SCF 2-Feb)
N444QG Gulf. 4 (SCF 2-Feb)
N445QS Gulf. 450 (PHX 4-Feb)
N446LX Be400 (PHX 3-Feb)
N4488W LJ25G (AZA 2-Feb)
N448AS BD100 (SCF 2-Feb)
N44LQ Ce560 (DVT 2-Feb)
N4500X Gulf. 3 (MSC 2-Feb)
N451DC Gulf. 450 (SCF 3-Feb)
N451LX Be400 (SCF 2-Feb)
N4545 LJ45 (DVT 2-Feb)
N454QS Gulf. 4 (PHX 3-Feb)
N455RH LJ55 (SCF 2-Feb)
N456BE Gulf. 3 (SCF 2-Feb)
N459BN Gulf. 200 (GEU 2-Feb)
N459CS CL604 (GEU 2-Feb)
N45VM Ce550 (MSC 4-Feb)
N460MC LJ60 (PHX 2-Feb)
N460QS Gulf. 4 (PHX 3-Feb)
N465QS Gulf. 4 (PHX 3-Feb)
N466CW Be400 (PHX 3-Feb)
N466JB Gulf. 2 (DVT 3-Feb)
N468AB Gulf. 4 (SCF 4-Feb)
N469LX Be400 (PHX 3-Feb)
N471XP Be400 (PHX 4-Feb)
N473KT Gulf. 3 (SCF 2-Feb)
N474M Gulf. 450 (GYR 2-Feb)
N475M Gulf. 450 (GYR 2-Feb)
N475QS Gulf. 4 (PHX 2-Feb)
N477GJ Be400 (SCF 4-Feb)
N477JB Gulf. 4 (PHX 2-Feb)
N477QS Gulf. 4 (PHX 2-Feb)
N480LX Be400 (SCF 2-Feb)
N48FW Ce550 (DVT 3-Feb)
N48VE Ce750 (DVT 4-Feb)
N48WK Fa2000 (SCF 4-Feb)
N48WS Sabre (SCF 2-Feb)
N492JT Gulf. 2 (GYR 2-Feb)
N494PA LJ60 (SCF 2-Feb)
N497DM CL604 (DVT 2-Feb)
N498QS Gulf. 4 (PHX 4-Feb)
N499QS Gulf. 4 (SCF 4-Feb)
N4JS Ce560XL (SCF 4-Feb)
N500MG Ce560 (SCF 2-Feb)
N500PC Gulf. 4 (PHX 2-Feb)
N500R Fa50 (PHX 2-Feb)
N502HE CL601 (PHX 4-Feb)
N502QS Gulf. 5 (PHX 3-Feb)
N503CS Ce560XL (PHX 4-Feb)
N505LR Hs125 (SCF 2-Feb)
N505XP Be400 (DVT 2-Feb)
N506BA Fa900 (SCF 2-Feb)
N507CS Ce560 (DVT 4-Feb)
N507QS Gulf. 5 (PHX 3-Feb)
N507SA Gulf. 4 (PHX 3-Feb)
N508KD Ce560 (PHX 4-Feb)
N508P Gulf. 5 (PHX 2-Feb)
N50MJ LJ35A (SCF 2-Feb)
N510SR Gulf. 4 (DVT 2-Feb)
N511CS Ce560XL (SCF 2-Feb)
N511QS Gulf. 5 (PHX 3-Feb)
N515LR Hs125 (PHX 3-Feb)
N517LR Hs125 (SCF 2-Feb)
N519M Hs125 (PHX 2-Feb)
N520AF Fa50 (PHX 4-Feb)
N522JA Ce560 (SCF 2-Feb)
N525LP Ce525 (SCF 2-Feb)
N527JA CL601 (GEU 2-Feb)
N528FX BD100 (DVT 4-Feb)
N528KW Ce560 (DVT 4-Feb)
N529FX BD100 (DVT 3-Feb)
N529KF LJ60 (SCF 2-Feb)
N531CM Ce525 (SCF 3-Feb)
N531FX BD100 (PHX 4-Feb)
N535FX BD100 (SCF 4-Feb)
N543H Gulf. 5 (PHX 2-Feb)
N544TS CL604 (GEU 2-Feb)
N545CS Gulf. 4 (SCF 2-Feb)
N550M Gulf. 550 (GYR 2-Feb)
N550TH Fa900EX (GEU 2-Feb)
N555HD Gulf. 3 (SCF 4-Feb)
N555RE Gulf. 3 (SCF 2-Feb)
N556CS Ce560XL (PHX 4-Feb)
N55AR LJ55 (SCF 2-Feb)
N55SC Ce650 (PHX 4-Feb)
N560BP Ce560 (SCF 4-Feb)
N560DR Ce560XL (SCF 2-Feb)
N560GB Ce560XL (SCF 2-Feb)
N560HC Ce560 (SCF 2-Feb)
N560JG Ce560XL (PHX 2-Feb)
N560PA Ce560 (AZA 2-Feb)
N560TA Ce560 (SCF 2-Feb)
N562DB Ce560XL (PHX 3-Feb)
N563CH Ce560XL (SCF 2-Feb)
N564RM Westwind (SCF 2-Feb)
N56L Gulf. 4 (AZA 2-Feb)
N571CS Ce560XL (PHX 3-Feb)
N5734 Hs125 (SCF 4-Feb)
N575WB BD100 (SCF 2-Feb)
N577JC Ce750 (SCF 2-Feb)
N580RJ Hs125 (GEU 2-Feb)
N581SF Prem. 1 (AZA 2-Feb)
N591MA Ce560XL (DVT 4-Feb)
N594CA BD100 (SCF 4-Feb)
N594RJ CL601 (SCF 3-Feb)
N595PE Gulf. 4 (PHX 3-Feb)
N595QS Ce560XL (SCF 2-Feb)
N600L LJ60 (SCF 2-Feb)
N600N Fa50EX (SCF 2-Feb)
N600RH Gulf. 3 (AZA 2-Feb)
N601BW CL601 (SCF 2-Feb)
N601ST CL601 (GEU 2-Feb)
N601VH CL601 (SCF 3-Feb)
N604LC CL604 (SCF 2-Feb)
N604RT CL604 (SCF 2-Feb)
N605QS Ce560XL (PHX 2-Feb)
N605SB LJ60 (PHX 3-Feb)
N606CS Ce680 (PHX 2-Feb)
N609PM Gulf. 550 (PHX 2-Feb)
N60FE LJ60 (SCF 2-Feb)
N60XR LJ60XR (GEU 2-Feb)
N610FX LJ40 (DVT 4-Feb)
N615TL CL604 (SCF 2-Feb)
N616KG Gulf. 400 (SCF 2-Feb)
N619FX LJ40 (SCF 2-Feb)
N620RM Hs125 (SCF 2-Feb)
N621FX LJ40 (PHX 3-Feb)
N622QS Ce560XL (PHX 3-Feb)
N622QW Fa2000 (SCF 2-Feb)
N622SV Gulf. 200 (PHX 3-Feb)
N623KM LJ35A (SCF 4-Feb)
N629CS Ce680 (PHX 3-Feb)
N630CS Ce680 (DVT 4-Feb)
N632BL Ce560XL (PHX 4-Feb)
N633RT Ce550 (SCF 4-Feb)
N633W Fa50 (PHX 2-Feb)
N642AG Legacy (PHX 2-Feb)
N642QS Ce560XL (PHX 3-Feb)
N648QS Ce560XL (PHX 3-Feb)
N64BH Ce501 (AZA 2-Feb)
N64NB LJ31A (DVT 3-Feb)
N650GF IAI 1125 (SCF 2-Feb)
N654QS Ce560XL (PHX 2-Feb)
N660Q Ce650 (PHX 3-Feb)
N662QS Ce560XL (PHX 4-Feb)
N667LC CL604 (PHX 2-Feb)
N672QS Ce560XL (PHX 3-Feb)
N673P Gulf. 5 (PHX 2-Feb)
N673YS CL600S (SCF 2-Feb)
N674AS Ce525A (SCF 2-Feb)
N675QS Ce560XL (SCF 4-Feb)
N679QS Ce560XL (PHX 2-Feb)
N67TM Gulf. 4 (SCF 2-Feb)
N686CP Hs125 (SCF 2-Feb)
N688G Hs125 (SCF 2-Feb)
N694QS Ce560XL (PHX 3-Feb)
N699TS Hs125 (AZA 2-Feb)
N700LS BD700 (SCF 2-Feb)
N700SP Ce501 (PHX 3-Feb)
N701CP Be400 (SCF 2-Feb)
N701QS Gulf. 200 (PHX 3-Feb)
N702GH Gulf. 4 (SCF 2-Feb)
N702QS Gulf. 200 (PHX 2-Feb)
N702RV CL601 (SCF 2-Feb)
N706SA LJ31A (DVT 3-Feb)
N707TE Gulf. 4 (GEU 2-Feb)
N708QS Gulf. 200 (PHX 2-Feb)
N708TA Be400 (SCF 2-Feb)
N70NE Hs125 (DVT 3-Feb)
N711LS BD700 (GEU 2-Feb)
N712PR CL604 (SCF 2-Feb)
N715WS Fa20 (PHX 2-Feb)
N717EP IAI 1125 (PHX 3-Feb)
N718QS Gulf. 200 (PHX 2-Feb)
N71NP CL604 (SCF 3-Feb)
N71TV Gulf. 4 (SCF 3-Feb)
N720JC Fa20 (AZA 2-Feb)
N721T Ce550 (SCF 3-Feb)
N724CP Fa20 (SCF 2-Feb)
N724SC BD100 (PHX 4-Feb)
N729QS Gulf. 200 (PHX 4-Feb)
N72EL IAI 1125 (SCF 2-Feb)
N72WY CL604 (PHX 4-Feb)
N730BH Legacy (PHX 3-Feb)
N731DC BD100 (PHX 3-Feb)
N732LH LJ60 (SCF 3-Feb)
N733SW LJ60 (SCF 2-Feb)
N73EM Ce525B (SCF 4-Feb)
N73ME Ce750 (SCF 2-Feb)
N740JB Ce551 (MSC 2-Feb)
N745E LJ45 (SCF 4-Feb)
N745TA Be400 (PHX 4-Feb)
N747GM LJ35A (SCF 3-Feb)
N749DC Ce560 (MSC 4-Feb)
N74HH Gulf. 2 (SCF 2-Feb)
N750AJ Be400 (GEU 2-Feb)
N750JB Ce750 (SCF 4-Feb)
N753PT Ce750 (PHX 3-Feb)
N754BA Gulf. 550 (GYR 2-Feb)
N754PT Ce750 (PHX 3-Feb)
N755PT Ce750 (PHX 3-Feb)
N757BD IAI 1125 (SCF 4-Feb)
N75HL Sabre (PHX 4-Feb)
N763D Ce560 (GEU 2-Feb)
N765PT Ce750 (PHX 3-Feb)
N76ER Westwind (MSC 2-Feb)
N76WR Ce560 (SCF 2-Feb)
N771DV Fa2000EX (PHX 2-Feb)
N773MJ Gulf. 4 (PHX 3-Feb)
N776JB Gulf. 450 (GEU 2-Feb)
N777GD CL600S (MSC 2-Feb)
N777MX Ce650 (SCF 2-Feb)
N777YG CL601 (MSC 4-Feb)
N778PT Ce750 (SCF 2-Feb)
N779DC MU-300 (SCF 4-Feb)
N77D Gulf. 4 (PHX 3-Feb)
N780E Gulf. 4 (PHX 2-Feb)
N780F Gulf. 5 (PHX 3-Feb)
N784BX Fa2000 (PHX 3-Feb)
N78LF Fa50 (SCF 2-Feb)
N797BD Gulf. 3 (SCF 2-Feb)
N7PS CL601 (SCF 4-Feb)
N800AL Gulf. 450 (SCF 3-Feb)
N800MJ Hs125 (SCF 4-Feb)
N800PM Gulf. 2TT (SCF 2-Feb)
N800TD Gulf. 3 (SCF 3-Feb)
N800WA Hs125 (PHX 3-Feb)
N802PA CL601 (PHX 2-Feb)
N808QS Ce560 (PHX 3-Feb)
N80C Ce525A (SCF 2-Feb)
N80GM Ce550 (SCF 2-Feb)
N811RA LJ60 (SCF 2-Feb)
N816CS Ce560XL (SCF 4-Feb)
N816QS Hs125 (PHX 2-Feb)
N818BA Gulf. 4 (SCF 2-Feb)
N8200E Fa900EX (SCF 4-Feb)
N820HB Gulf. 4 (PHX 2-Feb)
N824GB Be400 (PHX 4-Feb)
N825LX Hs125 (PHX 4-Feb)
N825QS Ce560 (PHX 4-Feb)
N827QS Ce560 (SCF 4-Feb)
N828CW Hs125 (SCF 2-Feb)
N829CB Ce550 (DVT 4-Feb)
N830 Westwind (MSC 2-Feb)
N830EF Gulf. 4 (SCF 2-Feb)
N83WM LJ55 (DVT 3-Feb)
N841TF LJ35A (PHX 4-Feb)
N847CW Hs125 (PHX 3-Feb)
N850C Be400 (PHX 2-Feb)
N851C MU-300 (PHX 2-Feb)
N851EL Gulf. 300 (PHX 2-Feb)
N852A Hs125 (SCF 2-Feb)
N856F Fa2000 (SCF 4-Feb)
N858QS Hs125 (PHX 3-Feb)
N874C Gulf. 4 (PHX 2-Feb)
N875QS Hs125 (SCF 4-Feb)
N876QS Hs125 (SCF 2-Feb)
N880ET CL604 (DVT 3-Feb)
N880LT Hs125 (SCF 2-Feb)
N882LT Gulf. 200 (MSC 2-Feb)
N884L Gulf. 4 (PHX 2-Feb)
N885QS Hs125 (PHX 3-Feb)
N887QS Hs125 (PHX 4-Feb)
N888UP Sabre (PHX 4-Feb)
N889MR Gulf. 200 (PHX 3-Feb)
N88AF LJ45 (MSC 2-Feb)
N88LN Gulf. 2 (MSC 2-Feb)
N892QS Hs125 (PHX 3-Feb)
N895BB BD100 (DVT 2-Feb)
N896C Be400 (PHX 3-Feb)
N899QS Hs125 (PHX 2-Feb)
N8VF Fa900 (SCF 3-Feb)
N900DP Legacy (PHX 4-Feb)
N900EX Fa900EX (SCF 2-Feb)
N900HD Fa900EX (SCF 2-Feb)
N900MV Fa900EX (PHX 3-Feb)
N900PS Ce560 (PHX 3-Feb)
N902MK Fa900 (SCF 2-Feb)
N904DS BD700 (PHX 3-Feb)
N905LP Gulf. 4 (PHX 2-Feb)
N906LX Legacy (PHX 4-Feb)
N909MM Fa900EX (PHX 3-Feb)
N909RR Gulf. 3 (SCF 2-Feb)
N910DP Ce750 (SCF 2-Feb)
N910LX Legacy (PHX 4-Feb)
N910RB Ce550 (SCF 3-Feb)
N914SH Be400 (SCF 4-Feb)
N915C Gulf. 2 (SCF 2-Feb)
N915LX Legacy (PHX 3-Feb)
N918BH Ce650 (SCF 2-Feb)
N918JM Fa50EX (SCF 2-Feb)
N919CT Gulf. 4 (SCF 2-Feb)
N919QS Ce750 (PHX 3-Feb)
N91NA Gulf. 2 (PHX 2-Feb)
N921CH LJ35A (MSC 2-Feb)
N923CL Gulf. 4 (PHX 2-Feb)
N924S Fa900 (SCF 2-Feb)
N926SS CL604 (GEU 2-Feb)
N929SS Prem. 1 (PHX 4-Feb)
N92RP Ce650 (SCF 4-Feb)
N935QS Ce750 (SCF 4-Feb)
N937QS Ce750 (PHX 3-Feb)
N938QS Ce750 (PHX 3-Feb)
N939QS Ce750 (PHX 3-Feb)
N946PC Ce560XL (SCF 4-Feb)
N948QS Ce750 (SCF 4-Feb)
N955QS Ce750 (PHX 3-Feb)
N956QS Ce750 (PHX 3-Feb)
N958QS Ce750 (PHX 2-Feb)
N95BD LJ60 (AZA 2-Feb)
N960KC Ce750 (PHX 4-Feb)
N962QS Ce750 (PHX 3-Feb)
N964QS Ce750 (PHX 4-Feb)
N967QS Ce750 (PHX 2-Feb)
N96UT Fa50 (SCF 2-Feb)
N970SJ Gulf. 4 (GEU 2-Feb)
N973HR LJ60 (DVT 4-Feb)
N978QS Ce750 (PHX 2-Feb)
N97FL IAI 1125 (PHX 2-Feb)
N97FT Gulf. 450 (PHX 4-Feb)
N97GM Fa2000EX (SCF 4-Feb)
N97NX Fa900EX (SCF 2-Feb)
N981CE Hs125 (PHX 2-Feb)
N982QS Ce750 (SCF 4-Feb)
N987QS Ce750 (GEU 2-Feb)
N989QS Ce750 (PHX 2-Feb)
N98LT Gulf. 4 (DVT 4-Feb)
N98NX Fa900 (SCF 2-Feb)
N990BB Fa900 (SCF 3-Feb)
N992AS Ce550 (SCF 2-Feb)
N993SA Hs125 (SCF 2-Feb)
N994GC Gulf. 4 (PHX 2-Feb)
N997QS Ce750 (PHX 4-Feb)
N998CX Ce750 (PHX 3-Feb)
OE-INJ CL604 (PHX 2-Feb)
VP-BEN BD700 (PHX 3-Feb)
XA-AIM LJ45 (SCF 4-Feb)
XA-JAI Hs125 (PHX 4-Feb)
XA-NJM LJ40 (SCF 3-Feb)
XA-ORO LJ35A (PHX 4-Feb)
XA-RIE Ce650 (SCF 4-Feb)
XA-SMS CL604 (PHX 2-Feb)
XA-TKZ Ce560XL (SCF 2-Feb)
XA-TYK Hs125 (PHX 3-Feb)
XA-UEV Be400 (PHX 4-Feb)
XB-CVS Sabre (DVT 4-Feb)
XC-SON Fa20 (PHX 3-Feb)

Overview of a/c types which were seen:
BD100 = 11
BD700 = 6
Be400 = 27
Citation = 149
CL600/601/604 = 43
Fa10/20 = 10
Fa2000 = 27
Fa50 = 11
Fa900 = 16
Gulf. 2 = 13
Gulf. 3 = 15
Gulf. 300 = 2
Gulf. 4 = 49
Gulf. 400 = 1
Gulf. 450 = 9
Gulf. 5 = 13
Gulf. 550 = 5
Hs125 = 46
IAI 1125 = 6
Legacy = 6
Learjet = 63
MU-300 = 3
Prem. 1 = 3
Sabreliner = 4
Westwind = 6

Total = 546

Chris Veringa
Rene Biesenbeek
Jeroen Noordhout

Regards, Jeroen


Not quite a complete list…

Plus, the Ident for Scottsdale is KSDL, Mesa Falcon Field is KFFZ, and Phoenix Mesa Gateway (formerly Williams Gateway, the old Williams AFB) is KIWA.


I saw a photo of the ramp full of biz jets at PHX, but I can’t seem to find it!
The above list, is from a group of ‘Spotters’ visiting Phoenix area during Superbowl specifically to ‘Aircraft Spot’.

I’m sure there were many, many more biz jet visitors during the Superbowl event, but the list above, are the aircraft they saw and recorded.