Anyone been tracking the local airports for the superbowl.

I used to work at an FBO at OPF the last time the superbowl was in Miami. Promised myself I would quit before I had to ever go through that again.

Just amazing the amount of aircraft that are currently flying into OPF, FLL, FXE. I have been told that they already closed down taxiways at FLL and this was on Thursday. By the time Saturday rolls around they might be to one runway. I hear Wayne Huizenga emptied his hangar at FLL and has a circus inside.


Northwest brought an A333 from Indianapolis that brought the Colts.


I worked the Tampa Superbowl for my company. The chaos at the Raytheon FBO was unimaginable and I only got a few hours of sleep each night. I definitely earned every bit of what I was paid. It’s amazing that everybody wants to depart right after the Superbowl - taxi times there ran upwards of 3 hours. TPA closed runway 9/27 in order to park aircraft. To top it off, my team was going to fly a company jet that was coming home anyway, but unfortunately it had a mechanical so I got stuck sharing 1/3 of my MD-80 window seat with a 350lb man. Murphy’s Law in action.


Either say something nice (like the flight number) or don’t say anything at all.

Anyway, after looking at MIA and not finding any A330-300 flights in the past few days, I tried FLL and found thesetwo flights: NWA9980 on 1 Feb and NWA9966 on 29 Jan. So, which one was it?


It was Northwest 9966 that brought the Colts in.


This one is the CHICAGO BEARS!



Go Bears!


Colts WIN!!!




So out of all the airports I followed this weekend had to be most impressed with OPF. Travolta’s 707, CRJ-700 (N1RL), I tired to count not including “Blocked” aircraft 5 EMB-135s, 17 Gulfstreams. I believe every citation cessna has ever made, and another 150 or so corporate jets.

FXE seemed to be the major base of operatoins for Net Jets, but FLL had numerous flights to. Wish I still lived there to go spot.


There was some action at MIA too. Troy Aikman never seems to stay for the game.


Kenny Chesney

Magic Johnson


The day the Bears pulled into Miami, the journalist for the Sun-Times that was covering it said that “The bears looked confident when they walked out of there American Airlines 767” I was wondering if that could of been a big deal with United Airlines? What an OOPs on his part!


Anyone know where to find some pictures of the ramps from the superbowl? Checked the normal sites and searches, but maybe someone knows a back door site.