Superbowl Party at Airport


Need to put a warning on your posting. The site you are directed to is hideous and lacks any common courtesy. it is disgusting! Why? Because it starts talking to you right away at a loud volume - and I have my sound down low.


I hope you were joking by promoting that scumbag.

Scumbag and two dogs fighting

EDIT: Removed image from board, some may find it offensive.


I hope you were joking by promoting that scumbag.

Was not promoting the event at all. Was just posting an item that I saw as interesting that a FBO was having a full scale concert / party in a hangar on the busiest weekend of the year for the airport. Miami Executive Aviation has always been ahead of the ball on promotions and events at their facility. Personally I think it is disgusting to have him involved at all with any event, but does not take away from MEA’s ability to go over and above to make $$$$$.


:unamused: :unamused: :unamused: I’m so offended, deef… :unamused:


Last place I’d go to! are they serious? Vick and a bunch of “gansta-thug-wanna-be types” gimme a break!


Here are the Saints:


And here’s the Colts:


Who do y’all want to win? Saints or Colts. Or don’t care?

I want the Saints to win…


Broward County and Miami-Dade will win. All those fans and media spending the cash.
Who Dat??? Dats De Cashier :laughing:


It seems so weird to see a Delta Airbus…



This really weird you out:


Interesting! I didn’t know that Delta had ever used Airbus equipment.



Hence the use of the word “some” Will.


In addition to the A310’s they got from Pan Am in 91, Delta even ordered some new ones too with the last one delivered in late 93. They got up to 30 of them before starting to sell them off in 95 and 96 and by the end of 96 they were all gone, several were bought by Fedex and converted to freighters and are still flying.


And Delta picked up the Airbus equipment from NorthWest from the merger…


That’s what I was about to say. :smiley:


And that is what dcgjedde implied.


Right. I know that the Airbus equipment operated by Delta now came from the Northwest merger. I was simply unaware that they had flown Airbus aircraft in the past. (American flew 747’s by the way. One is a NASA Shuttle Carrier).



Damn I just threw-up in my mouth a little, you can scratch Delta off my list of air carriers to send a resume to.