This is the charter flight for the Arizona State University football team returning home from playing at Illinois.
I know there used to be a thread with strange flight paths, and I know this one is just an error, but I thought it was worth noting. … /KCMI/KPHX


That is pretty bizarre. I can tell you that the flight probably took just about 3 hours, since the Frontier flight back with Alumni and the ferry flight back on Thursday both took around that long.


I’ve seen this happen on occasion. Usually means there was a glitch with FlightAware’s data feed in the middle of the flight. Nothing wrong with the actual flight.

I recall a case last year where FlightAware’s data feed went down for a while on a Saturday night, and a whole bunch of data for college football charter flights went missing.


An interesting note, this is Phil Mickelson’s plane, as he was playing in a golf tournament in Chicago, and came down to watch his Sun Devil’s lose. Go Illini! … /KCMI/KMDW