College Football Charters for week 3


Texas @ UCF

Tennessee @ Florida

Duke @ Northwestern

Middle Tennessee St. @ LSU

The Citadel @ Wisconsin

Ohio State @ Washington

Fresno State @ Oregon

New Hampshire @ Marshall

Florida State @ Colorado

Arkansas @ Alabama

Toledo @ Kansas

Houston @ Tulane


Why not keep these in one topic rather than divide it up by weeks? It would be nice to be able to see all of the flights in one place rather than several.


I think its easier to tell where one week’s list starts by having a seperate thread, but ill do it however everyone wants.


I feel a poll coming on… :smiley:


Thats funny. Im working at the airport in Kansas City right now and was wondering why the hell Jet Blue was here, haha . Thanks for the info :slight_smile: GO KU :smiley:


One thread will do, thanks.