College Football Charters 2007


Buffalo @ Rutgers

Southeastern Louisiana @ New Mexico State

Tulsa @ Louisiana-Monroe

Kent State @ Iowa State

LSU @ Mississippi State

Western Kentucky @ Florida Gators

WK vs UF

great thread…hopefully we ca keep it up throughout the season

here is the Alabama team plane coming back from playing Vanderbilt in Nashville…

Southern Miss vs Tennessee

U Wisconsin vs UNLV

BYU @ Tulsa

Kinda funny thing about this. I was arriving on SKW6556 and we went right over Skelly, er, Chapman Stadium (Tulsa’s stadium) and I saw a blue “blob” on the field. I figured it was either Tulsa or BYU finishing their walk through.

Anyway, as we land at KTUL, I see a plane sitting away from the terminals with fire vehicles around it. All I could think was, “Oh, that’s not good.” As we were taxing back to the gate, we passed the aircraft and it was a JetBlue Airbus. Getting off the plane was the BYU team.

Week 3 … /KLAN/KPIT

Pitt @ Michigan State

Week 4

Texas A&M @ Miami

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not a problem at all… apparently it was decided we’re gonna keep em all in one thread now, so now i think we should label when a new week gets going.

Week 4 Contd…

East Carolina @ WVU

Clemson @ NC State

Syracuse @ Louisville

North Carolina @ South Florida

Temple @ Bowling Green

Florida @ Mississippi

Ball State @ Nebraska

Air Force @ BYU

Northwestern @ Ohio State

Penn State @ Michigan

Maryland @ Wake Forest

Memphis @ Central Florida

Washington State @ Southern Cal

Baylor @ Buffalo

New Mexico State @ Auburn

Florida Atlantic @ North Texas

Oregon State @ Arizona State

Miami(OH) @ Colorado

Purdue @ Minnesota

Wyoming @ Ohio

UConn @ Pitt … /KBDL/KPIT

USA Jet flies the OSU Football team around, not sure of the tail numbers, but look for a DC9 coming out of CMH.


Southern Miss @ Boise State

WVU @ South Florida

This flight doesn’t show up. Please verify.

Leaves at 3:30 from hattiesburg MS to boise airport. hope this helps

Thats 3:30 central time

Correct flight - just can’t get it to show up. Guess because it’s a scheduled flight that hasn’t taken off yet.

What is AMT?

American Trans Air, Inc. “Amtran” (Southwest’s code share partner)

Southern Miss sure is late leaving. I thought they wouldve left yesterday or this morning at the latest considering how long of a trip it is.