College Football Charters 2009



Troy @ Bowling Green … /KDHN/KTOL

North Texas @ Ball State … /KDAL/KIND

Oregon @ Boise State … /KEUG/KBOI


North Dakota State @ Iowa State … /KFAR/KDSM


Tulsa @ Tulane … /KTUL/KMSY


Interesting… It appears Coastal Carolina is heading to Kent State today for their game tonight…maybe trying to save money by not staying in a hotel?

Coastal Carolina @ Kent State … /KMYR/KCAK


Not an uncommon practice, so to speak.

In 1995, Iowa flew into Tulsa the morning of their game, in 2004 (?) Tulsa flew to PIB the morning of their game against So. Miss., and I know that in 07 OU flew down to either Baylor or Texas A&M the morning of the game.


I had only heard of it happening when weather or some other special circumstance dictated. I guess it could also have to do with the game being on a thursday night. no player wouldve had to miss class yesterday.


South Carolina @ North Carolina State … /KRDU/KCAE
SC took buses to NC and flew back.

LSU @ Washington … /KBTR/KSEA … /KSEA/KBTR


Georgia @ Oklahoma State will be Delta 9796. It’s already listed on DAL’s website.

And they’ve started flying back to AHN on 3 RJ’s. I don’t have those numbers yet.


Maryland @ California … /KBWI/KOAK

Nicholls State @ Air Force … /KMSY/KCOS

Navy @ Ohio State … /KBWI/KCMH

Minnesota @ Syracuse … /KMSP/KSYR

Nevada @ Notre Dame … /KRNO/KSBN


Florida Atlantic @ Nebraska … /KFLL/KLNK


Southern Illinois @ Marshall … /KMWA/KHTS

Montana State @ Michigan State … /KBZN/KLAN

Wofford @ South Florida … /KGSP/KTPA

Alabama vs. Virginia Tech(in Atlanta)
Bama- … /KTCL/KATL

Central Michigan @ Arizona … /KLAN/KTUS

UMass @ Kansas State … /KCEF/KMHK


Army @ Eastern Michigan … /KSWF/KDTW

Brigham Young vs Oklahoma (in Dallas) … /KPVU/KDAL

Buffalo @ UTEP … /KBUF/KELP


Baylor @ Wake Forest … /KACT/KGSO

Virginia Tech vs Alabama (in Atlanta) … /KROA/KATL

Louisiana Tech @ Auburn … /KMLU/KMGM


Sacramento @ UNLV … /KSMF/KLAS


Stanford @ Washington State … /KSJC/KLWS

Northern Colorado @ Kansas … /KDEN/KMCI

New Mexico @ Texas A&M … /KABQ/KCLL

Army @ Eastern Michigan … /KSWF/KDTW

North Dakota @ Texas Tech … /KGFK/KLBB


Idaho @ New Mexico State
1st leg- … /KLWS/KBOI
2nd leg- … /KBOI/KELP

Not positive why there’s two legs to this. Might have to do with takeoff in the MD-88 with full fuel at KLWS.


You’re probably right about this. If I’m reading the charts correctly, the MD88 will need between about 6,500 and 7,000 feet to take off at the altitude of 1,442 feet that LWS is at, along with the temperature at takeoff time of about 77 degrees. The longest runway at LWS is 6,511 feet.

There may also be a couple of other reasons:

  1. Could be they were picking up alumni or other fans/boosters in BOI.
    2 The fuel could be cheaper in the BOI.


Dammit David. You just looked through more details than Columbo and Monk combined. I love that. I was scrambling looking all that up.
Don’t do that again or we’ll be Best Friends Forever…okay, not. But that was great introspective.





They were probably picking up staffers (or Alumni) after last nights debacle in Boise. I’ve seen Idaho stop in Boise on previous flights.


Georgia @ Oklahoma State will be Delta 9796. It’s already listed on DAL’s website.

And they’ve started flying back to AHN on 3 RJ’s. I don’t have those numbers yet.

I wonder if this may be the flight with Joe Cox?


Yes, I think it was.

From the AP:

ATLANTA - Quarterback Joe Cox is expected to play in No. 13 Georgia’s opener at No. 9 Oklahoma State on Saturday despite suffering “flu-like symptoms” that forced him to miss the team’s flight on Friday.

Georgia’s sports information director Claude Felton confirmed that Cox did not travel with the team. Felton said Cox was to fly on a private Georgia athletic association plane from Athens to Oklahoma City on Friday night.

“I think it was a combination of giving him a little more time to rest and the second part was to keep him separated from the team,” Felton said.

The travel by private jet is less grueling. The team took a 90-minute bus ride from Athens to Atlanta before making the flight to Oklahoma City. By flying on the private jet from Athens, Cox was spared the bus ride.