Chargers get a 763 this year..



…And, the team owner flies around in a G-5.
AG = A. G. Spanos. The plane does have a Chargers bolt on it :slight_smile:


As a Redskins fan, I am happy for Norv’s success with the Chargers! I’m hoping for a miracle at 3:00 this Sunday.


Some of us already think it’s a miracle as it is now. In week 4, the Chiefs beat the Bolts IN San Diego, and the fans were chanting “Marty Marty Marty!”…suddenly we’re in the AFC Champ Game. The next miracle would be the biggest of them all. It’ll be a long flight to Boston, even in a 763…Make it a smooth one please, Delta :slight_smile:


The 767 is on its way to San Diego right now to pick up the Chargers and fly them to NE, I guess probably tomorrow morning.


Here’s the exact flight: … /KATL/KSAN

Please, folks: try to remember the URL for prosperity!


Are you going to send us money when we correctly link a flight? Otherwise, I think you meant posterity.

Just, couldn’t, resist (and am waiting for my windfall for my many wellformed URL’s)


I meant prosperity in another sense but, sure, why not. Just put in a request to my Swiss banker. :smiley:


Hmm…they are flying home out of Providence tonight. … /KPVD/KSAN
Wonder if that’s the penalty for losing? Having to fly out of Rhode Island? lol


No. The penalty for losing is a long transcon flight during the wee hours of the morning, knowing that you lost… :blush: