United Colors

Anybody else think the “NEW” livery just is not very United or seems boring compared to the last two???

I saw all three United liveries (battleship, blue gradient, raffle drum) next to each other the other day and you definitely wouldn’t guess the raffle drum is the latest. Gold cheatline and raffle drum looks very 90s, cheesy.

The blue color scheme is so-so. At least it’s not all white.
The gray color scheme sucks
I like the new color scheme. I think the Continental globe looks much better than the United “U”. I wished the had used the same font as used on the gray scheme for the title.

I really like the Gradient, the best. I guess from a design standpoint and art background I like the use of the complimentry colours, even on the blue striping on Grey Drums. The Continental Logo just seems bland. So far have yet to see any at LAX.

I have always thought the CO colors were classy, and still think they are. I know many think they look outdated, but that tail to me is timeless.
Despite that, throwing the United titles on it is just WEIRD! I know it’s probably saving them millions to do it this way, but I wish they would’ve just wiped the slate clean and came up with something new.
Hopefully down the road they go the way of US and throw out some retrojets in the last 3 UA schemes ( I am one of the few who liked the grey stealth colors) and A few past CO colors (I think the gold and red meatball colors would be awesome!
That’s the phoamer in me talking though, and I know all this comes down to how much it costs!

Keeping the CO scheme was an offering to CO management and employees to compensate for losing their headquarters and name.

Also, UA will have a 757 painted in retro colors next year. PMUA employees are currently voting and all prior liveries are represented excluding the Battleship grey (also they’re only using the “NASA font” orange-stripe livery)

while I don’t appreciate you taking my job, I thank you for saving my paint scheme.

on the topic of the retro a/c I’d love to see the 80’s scheme…I guess it’s because of what I remember as a kid when we’d make that special trip to ORD anytime w were in CHI, but that orange red blue with the huge tulip was a classic!

Friendship 4-stars please !

They decided on the “Stars and Bars” or “Friendship” livery. But they opted to put the scheme on an A320 instead of a 757. It’s to bad, I think it would look a lot better on an 757 or 747.