Favorite Livery

My favorite is United and US Airways

FAQing enough with the polls already!

This is getting worse than the damn media!!!

So let’s do a poll…

What is Daniel’s approval rating?

Do you think that the state of FA is getting better or worse?


Definitely American, it’s a classic.

Airplanes have “color schemes,” not “liveries.” Click on the latter to find out its definition.

You may be too young to realize how many great color schemes there have been on airlines that are sadly no longer with us. Some great examples include Braniff’s “End of the Plain Plane” color scheme (actually, schemes - they had about 7 different colors), Hughes AirWest’s Top Banana color scheme, and Western’s Indian Chief.

I love the navy blue US Airways livery.


“A livery is the common design and paint scheme a company will use on its vehicles, often using specific colors and logo placement. In this sense, the term is applied to railway locomotives and rolling stock, aircraft, and road vehicles. For example, United Parcel Service has trucks with a well-known brown livery. Another example is the British Airways ethnic liveries. The term has become extended to the logos, colors and other distinctive styles of companies in general.”


This may be the definition; however, in the airline industry it is more common to call it a “color (or colour for our British/Canadian friends) scheme.”

Additionally, you need to take postings on Wikipedia with a grain of salt. They are not always accurate. For word definitions, I’d go to one of the major dictionaries.

I’ve heard it called a livery by many people within the industry. And just because the word is not in the dictionary doesn’t mean that the meaning is well known in the public lexicon. The English language is constantly evolving, and not set in stone. Correcting people on such matters makes you look like a cranky old man, which is why many of your posts here aren’t taken seriously.

Whateva. All I know is that in 38 years of following the airline industry, I have never heard of aircraft having a livery but rather having a color scheme.

And I’ve never heard that spoken by anyone over 12.


Webster good enough for you?

How about the Oxford English Dictionary?

Not an Oxford man? How about Cambridge?

In order to eschew obfuscation, never use two words (color scheme) where one (livery) will suffice.

Perhaps you need to associate with a better class of people.

I’ve only been an aviation professional for 35 years, but I HAVE heard many in the industry refer to an airline’s livery.

This is an important subject. Let’s start a seperate thread for it. Or should it be called a string, I’m not sure. (Where’s that “TIC” emoticon?)

I think I’ll go to a grammar forum. Maybe they talk about aviation there.


Guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. When it comes to COMMERCIAL aircraft, I’ve only heard it referred to has “color scheme.”

In any case, I think the more important part of my original posting has been overlooked. A poll such as this should either be qualified ("what current “livery” is the best) or should give options to chose airlines no longer flying.

I didn’t know we were speaking about anything but commercial aircraft. And if you couldn’t figure out that the poll was of current liveries by the choices given, that’s too bad.


  1. I was saying that in commercial aviation I have only heard “color scheme,” not livery. I have heard the latter when referring to military aircraft.

  2. The poll is so limited that it should be relabeled to something else like “Which major USA airline as the best color scheme” or similar.

Trivia time: “Major Airline” is the correct Department of Transportation (DOT) classification for what are called legacy airlines. The other classifications are National and Regional. All three classifications are based on annual revenue. The DOT does admit there are other ways of classifying airlines but this is how they want to classify them. Inquiring minds want to - or not - to know.

Anyway, this is probably my last posting forever…

on this subject! (Ha! You thought I was going away for good, eh?)

Ah, the write in vote. Now that’s thinking! I’d have to agree. Thai Airways does and has had some pretty impressive livery.

  1. It’s normal practice when discussing railroads to refer to their specific livery for rolling stock in order to determine if it’s Amtrak, Southern, CSX, etc.

  2. It’s normal practice when discussing steamships to refer to their “house livery” in order to determine whether it’s a Cunard, Blue Star, White Star, American Export, etc. ship.

  3. It’s normal practice when discussing trucks to refer to their livery in order to discern the owner or operating company.

Just say “Oh, I didn’t know that” Dave and use it or not as you wish.

But you’re right about Braniff having some of the best “color schemes” on their aircraft back in the day, and their stews the best uniforms, what there was of them!

The “Stewardess Stoop” didn’t work when wearing a mini-dress.