Delta's new colors


Yuck! Here’s Delta’s new colors:

Here’s the best colors:

And, here’s the so-so colors:

There’s been at least 3 different color schemes for Delta in the past 10 or so years. You think maybe they wouldn’t go bankrupt if they’d stop repainting their planes?

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i don’t understand it either. Why not get one paint idea and stick with it. You can’t keep changing paint schemes, or even marketing. I tell you, its the horrible management of the airlines!!!


Perhaps the management enjoys the smell of paint?


I actually like the new scheme but agree with Dami’s old best scheme and cost of repainting.

Most commercial aircraft are repainted every few years as part of their C/D checks so the cost of repainting can be absorbed there. The old best scheme seems the cheapest too as they left half the aluminum exposed and use white (probably the cheapest / most widely used aircraft paint) for most of the rest. I think AA probably has the cheapest paint job, at least of modern airlines still in business.

Delta announced today they are emerging from banko this week. Paying bonus to employees.


Question: I looked at the forum’s help file. I couldn’t find the answer. When using the tag, must the file name end in GIF, JPG, etc?

Essentially, yes. You’re attempting to embed an HTML webpage as an image.[/quote]



Question: I looked at the forum’s help file. I couldn’t find the answer. When using the tag,%20must%20the%20file%20name%20end%20in%20GIF,%20JPG,%20etc?%20%20Tried%20to%20put%20the%20%between% tags on the above but it didn’t work.

Are you really sure you looked? You, yourself provided the answer before to the very same question.

To be exact, go to … hlight=img



Ah, but my question was about the type of files that could use the tab, not how to display the images here.

As JHEM confirmed, the tag requires a filename ending in jpg, gif, etc.


I like the old scheme so so, and what you call so so I like that the best, the new one is just gross makes me feel sick. :frowning:


They look too modern…


Bring back the old widgetdidnt like that sideways red thing when it was proposed and dont like it on the real plane.

I doubt that changing the livery cost them everything more unless more/less paint is used. It took forever for the old widget and that mistake of a scheme to disappearsure it will take a long while to replace this one as well.


The design was probably done by an advertising or PR company. That didn’t come cheaply.


Even if you right click and get the image filename location, does not allow hot-posting (my new word) of thier photos. It ends up just showing the banner. You can provide the link only.


Linky is brokey!


The link works, is down.


I like the new scheme, but can’t understand why every airline it seems that’s in or fresh off a BK 11 feels the need to spend millions and millions repainting their birds.


In addition to quoting myself, here’s a quote from a newspaper article on the topic.

The new livery will be applied to all 550 aircraft in Delta’s fleet as the aircraft are scheduled in for their normal repainting over the next three years.


One word: BORING!!
I know it’s “chic” for airlines to have somewhat drab paint schemes with modified insignias, but this just looks…blah. I’d rather see the '80s widget scheme back than see this flying.

My personal favorite of the modern paint jobs: USAirways, hands down. Brings out the lines of the a/c well. Enough pizzazz to attract attention, yet not overwhelming (I know, it sounds like I’m tasting wine).


Someone asked why do airlines have their birds repainted while in Bankruptcy or coming out. Because the cost of repainted is probably
considered a liability while “in bankruptcy” and thus is probably free (because the liability is wiped).


I’ll bet the vendor loves that. :open_mouth:


The vendor knows there’s no guarantee of being paid when doing business with a company in Chap 11, the court approves the paying of each bill.