US Airways New Colors


When will US Airways start paint their east aircraft?


What do you mean? I’ve seen plenty of NC in the east.


I mean the 733,734,A321,and A330


I would assume they are waiting for a C or D check, or some other time that would require them to repaint them.


I don’t know how high their priorities are for the 733s and 4s. They’re some of the oldest planes in the fleet, and they’ll be the first to go when US buys more A319s, A320s, and E-190s.

One interesting note on USAirways: I noticed that they actually bought some a/c from Boeing. It’s my understanding that they haven’t bought any from them in quite some time, but they bought some (used) 752s recently. I’d like to say that maybe things are thawing out, and maybe they’ll entertain the idea of a 787 in US colors, but they were committed to the A350 even BEFORE the redesign, so I don’t think they’ll be investing heavily in Boeing just yet.


Is this the scheme to which you are referring?


Is this the scheme to which you are referring?



I kinda like it.


I drive by PHL twice a day. Most if not all 330s are painted in the new livery colors. Makes sense compared to that dark blue config. Keeps the aircraft cooler in the hot sun of the southwest and the caribbean.


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I used to do the daily roundtrip to Essington from So. Jersey, I know just how you feel.

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Are you sure about that? As far as I know, none of the A333’s have been painted yet. And they are mostly flown internationally, not the Caribbean and the SW.


Except for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, flights to the Caribbean are international…


LONG RANGE international, not relatively short hops to the Caribbean. :wink:


You meant to write US Virgin Islands!




Every plane in the new A terminal (A-East - widebody aircraft and int’l arrivals) is painted in the new colors every time I go by.

They do fly the A330s to the Caribbean, especially Aruba and San Juan


I stand corrected as for the A330 destinations, although you must be mistaking the 767’s with the A330’s.


nope - been on them to San Juan.
I’ve seen the 767s to/from San Juan too.

Had a friend who went to Aruba and back on the 330 too.

There aren’t too many going into the Caribbean but they are going.