The US Airways PSA livery is out!

Check out and they have the first pic of a A319 in PSA colors.
Its so cool


that would make life easy … ersion=6.0
Sorry I new I forgot something!

Thanks. I just didn’t have the time at work to go through all the pictures.

As far as the paint scheme…FUGLY

I saw this pic, I think, about 2 days ago… :confused: for me this livery is ugly :smiley:

That color scheme is a “two bagger”.

One to put over the plane and one to put over my head in case the one on the plane slips off!

Looks lke they’ve ripped it off from a pack of instant noodles! … 0_0083.jpg



Here’s my thing. One bought the other, or they merge, because they were struggling. This translates into less $$$ for a company. Why woud you waste money repainting (especially that FUGLY livery) and not just leave everything as is. Merge the check-in counters, accounting, combine both logos on the parent company letterhead, but don’t waste the money to repaint the planes, again, especially in that FUGLY livery.

What are you talking about, with merging counters and such? PSA has been gone since the late ‘80s. This is just commemorative plane, to show a bit of US Airways’ history, along with the HP plane, and the future Allegheny and Piedmont planes. They were going to have to repaint this plane at some point, and what they actually paint on it doesn’t effect the cost that much.

The changing of the letterheads and all other things with the logo on it is what really costs the most. Just think of all the things all over that have an airline’s logo on it.

Good call. I have been up to my ears in crap at work. Didn’t realize what the heck I was looking at until I had a chance to actually look and find a little bit more about it. My bad…

Still, it FUGLY…

Haha, I can relate. Anyway, I would probably think it is ugly also if it weren’t for the historic significance of it. And the smile on the nose more than makes up for it. :smiley:

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: I think that its ugly i think that they should stick with what they have or atleast work off from what they have now. Thats to oldschool looking for me but thats my opinion which everyone is intitled to.

It reminds me of nasty green shag carpet and olive colored appliances. There is a reason they aren’t around anymore. WHY TORTURE US!!..Again, FUGLY!!!

I just can’t belived they actually put a smiley face on it…

If I may insert a contrary opinion here, I like it … 3.5 stars out of 5.

I lived in California when US Air bought out Pacific Southwest. PSA was a fine airline. US Air wasn’t.

I’ve always missed the old PSA. Hence, I like seeing their colors back again, even with the smile.

Personally, I’d like to see 'em paint a few birds in the old metallic silver w/ burnt burgundy lines and the “old” USAIR logo on them. They weren’t the prettiest livery, but the nostalgia of it would be terrific. Too bad USAir(ways) doesn’t fly any more 722s; that would be the perfect plane for the throwback color scheme. Park a few in PIT, and you’d really think you were in the '80s again. (Minus the newer PIT terminal, of course). The nostalgia for the PSA throwback is cool, but as for the beauty of it: :open_mouth:

i don’t like it. I like the new paint that they have with the white. Also i like what they have now the dark blue, maybe thats because i don’t really remeber the older colors seeing i olny lived a couple years in the 80’s.

Here’s the problem. Too many airline enthusiasts today don’t realize how great the color schemes were in the 1970’s and earlier.

I suggest taking a look at older pictures on and Look for the great planes of Braniff (the real one, not the 2 wannabes that came along later). Braniff had a “end of the plain plane” era when its planes were painted in different pastel colors and a couple of aircraft painted in a crazy scheme by Calder.

Then there’s Hughes AirWest’s Top Banana color scheme. (Hughes AirWest is now part of Northwest now thorugh Northwest’s takeover of Republic, itself a merger of Southern and North Central. The latter had the very recognizable Herman the Duck on its tails.) Also with a bright yellow colorschme was Northeast (now part of Delta).

PSA’s last color scheme was great when it was painted on its plains and not bastardized on a US Airways aircraft.

Delta had its great “Widget” color scheme while Pan Am (the real one, not the current one) had its globe as did TWA (actually, they had 2 globes interwined). Who can forget Continental with its Golden Bird color scheme (aka the the bird with the golden ass).

For the most parts, today’s airliners are painted in boring white. As I suggested earlier, spend an hour or so looking at aircraft from the 1970’s and earlier.

WOW there buddy i’m not putting it down it’s just my opinion everyone has one. But i’m the complete opposite with cars i love the old musle cars not todays ricebuners although some are nice but i will definetly look at the pics i’m just saying its hard for me to look at the old colors when i wasn’t even part of the 70’s or 80’s you know what i mean.

i did look still some of them i feel the way i felt before but others i liked.
This picture of the new PSA i like it was just taken yesterday but i don’t like the smilly on it but the colors in the light are not to bad check it out.

i’m just saying its hard for me to look at the old colors when i wasn’t even part of the 70’s or 80’s you know what i mean.

I wasn’t part of the 30’s or 40’s or 50’s (will, not for the first 6 11/12 years of the 50’s) but I know something about the airline industry during those decades. My point is that if one is going to be interested in an industry like the airlines (or railroads or cars or whatver) then that person should look at not only what is currently going on but delve into the history of the industry.

88Nitor305, I’m sure you don’t look at the muscles in isolation. Hopefully, you’ve read up on the history of the cars - what made them popular? What led the car industry to go from non-muscle cars to muscle cars back to non-muscle cars?