Comparing Airline Color Schemes


Interesting NY Times article on airline color schemes (or livery, as they call it).


Very interesting! From old time to present makes a huge difference!


An article about airline liveries that does not include the final TWA scheme is an article that falls short. I think a few would have my back when I say I judge paint schemes on a scale from 1 to TWA.


They skipped a number of alternate livery/color schemes by the represented airlines. Especially earlier livery/color schemes - Braniff was hardly treated at all. Interesting article in the subject is discussed at all.


The NYT didn’t make any mention of Braniff’s “End of the Plain Plane” color schemes. That was quite a radical thing back then.

Unless they wanted to show how NOT to paint an aircraft, they could have left out the Spirit picture. They have what I consider to be one of the worse color schemes of all times.


Two in a row :frowning: .