Delta A319

I like the look of the A319 in Delta colors but i was hoping for an agreement where its was a mix between the Delta Blue and the NWA Silver maybe later… What do you all think?? … 1475047/L/

It does look good, but I doubt DL will keep any silver metal around…although at the rate it takes them to paint planes one never knows.

But that’s an A319. :confused:

I rode one of those from MSP to SEA and it felt like we were in a left turn the whole way.

Stupid Airbuses, ruining our all Boeing fleet.

Yea i know its an A319 :wink: :laughing:

DAL had Airbus ac after they bought PanAm (A310s) and after Ron Allen decided he was going to show Boeing a thing or two.

And they didn’t last long either.

Looks nice.
My local airport markets all NWA flights as ‘Delta’ now. Even the ticket counter has been re-done.

I agree, no hybrids, at best maybe a retro jet type thing like US Air, but wouldn’t bet on it.

As you mentioned, the rate of paint, I can remember seeing 3 different schemes at the same time in probably about 99 or so. The classic widget, the interim (which in all fairness lasted about 3 years) and the wavy gravy design (which I still like, although it looks like the new Russian flag). I remember seeing all three at the gates somewhere.

The new scheme is nice, I didn’t like it at first, but it grew on me. I really thought it looked neat on Big Sky’s short lived BE-1900. Cool to see new paint schemes on turbo props I guess. Should look good on all those pink Slob 340’s that are flying around.

All the NWA signs at KDAY were taken down last night though we still market Northwest flights.

Kinda like the stepbrothers coming in…stupid stepbrothers.