COA 739 "Blue Skyway" N75436 Picture!

Here it is!

We’ll see her on E5 at 1500 hrs on Thursday, June 25th!



Gotta love retro-jets. I wish Delta would keep a retro-jet flying or maybe have paint schemes that represent airlines we’ve absorbed similar to what US Airways has done with some of their A320s.

I would have preferred the slightly later gold tail scheme a la Viscounts, but this is very nice.

Here it is out of the hangar after another test flight:


Btw, does this picture look dark to you? I think the PC I post-process my photos on is mis-calibrated, they look fine on it, but when I view them from work they seem way dark?

The problem with many of the retro color schemes displayed on various airlines is that the schemes look great on prop aircraft but look stupid on jets.

I would have preferred (in order of preference) one of the following color schemes:
Golden Jet
black meatball
red meatball

What a gorgeous airplane. I hope I get to see it for myself!

P.S. Pics do look a little dark, but in this case it makes the picture more dramatic.

A few pictures here departing for EWR out of IAH

Haha poor EWR got rained on all day while she was there. Currently in MCO for DIRECT TV installation. Should be in service soon!

It’s time for Continental to ditch their current color scheme and update their look, and the retro paint job looks GREAT. :slight_smile:

Here is a lapse video painting of the “Blue Skyway” livery on aircraft 436

What an incredible video! Thanks for posting it.

Very Cool grape… :wink:

Ditto on the vid!

Where was this, RNT ?

Wow, that’s a very labour-intensive exercise but I’m guessing the robots at PAE can’t do narrow bodies.

Could it be that with this being a one-off design it was more practical to not use the robots?

I’d love to see that big red “W” again…

So do tons of pilots that got screwed out of a pension

Forgot I took this picture with my phone. This was in IAH the AC was heading to PHX