Oscar Myer Hot Dog 747


lolololol!!! :laughing: i love the tug

Did you get that off of http://www.cardatabase.net/modifiedairlinerphotos?

Sorry, it was emailed to me.

What’s modified there? The airliner or the photo?

On the first couple of pages of pics, I didn’t see anything that grabbed my attention.

Most of them on that site are modified liveries. People create new paint schemes for current airlines, old paint schemes on current aircraft, airline colors on an aircraft that the airline doesn’t fly, and that sort of thing. Recall a while back I posted here an RJ with southwest colors!

Now I’ve seen just about everything. Some of those photo’s at MAP have over 20000 hits. :open_mouth:

Is there a site dedicated to recipes for airline food too???

Still, flying hot dog bun is neat, must be a BBQ weiner.

It’s close: http://www.airlinemeals.net/


Wow. A site dedicated to airline food.


Is there a site dedicated to taking pictures of airline food, altering the image, making it now look like real food? :wink:


Check out their “Meal of the Week”! 3 shrimps, 2 cherry tomatoes and some parsley flakes! WTF is THAT? It isn’t even an APPETIZER in my book, and they’re calling it a friggin’ “meal”!


Ritz crackers & cheese and a dry oatmeal cookie that ain’t.

Red wine or white?