Does anyone on here have photos that have been accepted by or




I know that you do. Thats why I asked this question because you brought it up in another thread.


Ok, so next time say does anyone other than james, have any pictures on
Sorry I bothered you.


I wasn’t acting like a dick and if you think I was then sorry. I was just saying that I know that. Remember you showed me yesterday and I said that they were good.


Yes, I remember, but many people other than you read these threads, so they might still be interested. I wasnt really “talking” only to you, I know you already saw my pictures. Posting a topic doesnt necessarily start a two-way conversation, you dont have to reply to every post.

ANYWAY. Moving on… anyone else have photos? I’m pretty sure newark777 does.


Yes, indeed, I do. I’ve been a photographing for over 10 years, although just recently started aviation photography.


Is there a linke that you can put on here?? I don’t know your name so I can’t sure for them.


I only have two on the site, so here’s my nicer one. :wink:

And here are mine on


Newark those were really good I liked the Jetblue one with all the colors in it. Also I loved the Northwest with the Independence Air and the American Airline taxiing, you can also see a Continental ERJ 145 turning onto the runway. Great shots I can’t wait to see more of them soon. :smiley:


The beautiful shot of thr aircraft over Puerto Rico brings back memories to me
I believe the plane is coming in from the north, and over Levittown, Pr.
The town in the distance is I think Dorado , PR(I lived there for 15 years.
The open area coming up under the wing is the Sabana Seca US Navy huge " listening to the world " antenna farm. It may be closed now.
I kept my Mooney 201 at the private Hilton hotel strip in Dorado. also closed now.
again wonderful shot!


Yes, it is coming in from the north, just west of the airport, and we were just about to make the left turn to final when that photo was taken.

Thanks for all the compliments! :smiley:


As an aside, the final approach couse to the international airport passes almost directly over the San Juan GA airport Isla Grande and while I lived there an Iberia 747 set up on final for the ga field, Needless to say the tower guys at Isla Grande went nuts until the 747 was waved off on short final!


My pics

My pics

I have a few on and My


I noticed that you had a few pictures from the Dayton Airshow. Just went there today and I intend on posting some pics.


I was going to go…but it looked boring this year. But I will be going to the CLE airshow and the NAS Oceania air show both in September.


Just for the record, it’s NAS Oceana, not Oceania.

No offense meant, but some of the locals are a bit touchy about that.

Should be a great show this year.


Technically, wouldn’t that be the BKL airshow? :smiley:


If your referring to the Dayton Air Show it was boring. Worst year yet. Nothing can top their 2003 centennial of flight show. Some of the static models were cool like the C-5. I saw a lot of airliners and snapped some pics for