Pictures! Share yours


Since the other thread with pictures in it is meant for pictures of high flying planes, why not have one for everything else? I enjoy taking pictures at the airport, and enjoy viewing ones that others take


Great Pictures I can’t wait until I get my camera! In the second picture is that a Jetblue flight departing??


Thanks. Its actually a Frontier A319. The only time I have seen jetBlue in San Diego is when I have arrived or departed around noon. That F9 flight was one of, if not the first flight out that day. You can see it on the ramp here:


Yup I see that now. Do you have more pictures??? If so post them.


Since you asked, I will try not to duplicate too many that are similar…

The Mississippi River.


Ive never seen a SF use the jetway for boarding. Also, how’d you get into John & Martha’s hangar? Cool!


These are all great! And I hope to see more. So my friend and I will have a layover in JFK for like an hour and a half and I hope to get that camera so do you think I can take pictures in the airport while we wait or will I get jumped by security thinking that I’m a terrorist? :laughing:


AA 757s to JFK and BOS.




STP, 2005


Yeah, just about everything at MSP is boarded through a jetway. Deltas CRJs and Continental Express ERJs are the exception.

I was lucky to get a tour of King from a friend!


Thanks! As you can tell, I have done that quite a bit. I have never been approached about it. I am sure some people have given me different looks, and I have felt like running across the airport at times to take a picture of a plane (please note I have never done such a thing), yet I have never had any questions from any passengers, airline employees or security. In some ways, kind of wish someone would just ask me what I am doing


There are pics for all tastes.
Some I can qualify as “super”, such as USAF 27000 collection or pics of planes with special color patterns (but we have a topic for those) , others are pics that in MHO should be posted in or, and finally, some that [to be diplomatic] are of “doubtful” interest (AA Eagle counter and luggage carrousel).
Let’s keep in mind that FA is about air traffic, not cool photography.


Have any idea what type this is?

Quad-turboprop probably from NUW. EP-3E?


Top one looks like a Cessna 195. Bottom looks like a P-3 Orion.


Yes and Yes.


I was thinking 195 but I wasn’t too sure on it.

I just read Born to Fly by the PIC of the US spy plane (EP-3E) that the Chinese midair-ed in 2001 just after Bush was elected. He was based out of NUW in that same type of aircraft. I don’t see too many of the Orions.


At BTV we have a P-3 that flies around almost every week. All these pictures are great. And for Snowbird this is a general forum as long as its about aviation I think it fits in. What about the high-flyers thread you didn’t say anything then. And if you don’t want to see them don’t look thats what I do.


I pretty much knew they were correct, but I’ve learned to always says “I think” or “most” rather than “is” or “all” on these forums! :unamused: