Very neat picture --


While researching runway headings at KBWI, I was using Google Maps and switched to satellite view to see the markings on the runways. On runway 33L if you zoom in as much as possible, you will get a picture of a plane taking off. It looks like SWA to me.


Yes, there’s an aircraft climbing out after taking off on 15R, the shadow of it can be seen on the 33L taxiway. I’m not up enough on my liveries in order to state categorically what airline it is.

There’s another holding at 15R for departure.


I didn’t see one taking off. Are you talking about the one getting ready to take off? Here’s the link: BWI


Off topic but if you look at LGA and then BWI, you can see trump’s 727 there at the same time!


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The departure is Southwest, airborne at 15R and 4.


No Dave, head south on 15 until you cross 4/22 and you’ll see the aircraft just to the west of the runway.


I’ll mail a dollar to the first person that sends me the link to the picture the guy in the red car took of the SWA 737 holding short. Also Citation X, there are a couple 750’s parked on the GA ramp. And, CFIJames was parked next to the Challenger.


Next to the G-IV at Bendix passing gas?




I guess it was a natural reaction to go check out Google Earth at KBWI, so here’s another interesting detail. The Southwest 737 painted in the Sea World livery is taxiing just south of the terminal.


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You used to be able to see at KATL (but it appears the image is has been updated) an MD80 in position, rolling, taking off, and turning on it’s initial climb as the satellite snapped its pictures as it flew over. It still appears to be the same airplane taking off in the current image, but there are only 2 shots. The one I was talking about was definitely the same airplane, it was shown rolling on the runway in three different places.
Check around some other airports, you’re bound to see it again.


No, he’s right. look here Nice catch wazzu.


That’s the one I was referring to son.


What is the plane there that seems to have blue wings?




A Pilatus PC-12 from the stable of CFIJAMES’ present employer, PlaneSense.

Not to be confused with the Piaggio Avanti P.180 flown by his new employer, Avantair.


The aircraft to the right of the Pilatus is a Challenger. If the Challenger FO looks two rows forward, between the Hawker? and King Air, he will see a nice example of a Gulfstream. I’m not trying to be an expert, more or less just wing’n it. :wink:


After poking around at some of the local airport… I found this jumble of airplanes at MDW.

“Hey! Who double parked in front of my BBJ?!”