Question for anyone who knows about KBLM...


I was looking at KBLM on Google maps and I happened to notice a Runway 14L/32R. Now the thing I want to know, is can that runway be used and why it is there. I have been going there probably about since I was born (15 years ago) and never knew that existed until now. It is not listed on that website that tells you info about the airports (whose name escapes me now [EDIT: duh!!!]), not on FlightAware info. It looks like it is in decent condition, also. Short, but decent. My guess is that it is just for banner tow planes? Even though I thought they just used 14/32. This makes me wonder what else I don’t know about there. On a side note, I actually once saw a banner plane land with the banner still attached.


it looks like a taxi way to me


Landing with a banner still attached to the tow-plane is something only done in extremis, for obvious reasons.


That is the part of the field where the banner ops take place but I never knew they had a runway too. You can’t see it from the parking area when you are on the ground because of the hill to the right of 32.

You should stop in to Eagle’s View flight school and talk to the girls that run the school, they’ve been around for a long time and can tell you all about KBLM. (There are a few under 16 kids, including my son, that are flying the 152s just waiting to be old enough to solo.)


They tried to release the banner, but I guess something went wrong and they couldn’t.


I don’t see what you are talking about on Google Maps, but perhaps the main runway was closed and they were using the taxiway as an alternate runway, which would explain the L/R.


Try this LINK


No wonder I didn’t see it, that thing is tiny. A few things stand out to me. If its an official runway, why is it not listed, and the main runway L/R as well. If its not, why bother marking it. Either way, I’m surprised that runway exists, due to multiple safety issues. Perhaps that is why the FAA has not been notified of its existence.


It doesn’t even look like it is in that bad of a condition.


I searched the official FAA databases and found nothing either. I e-mailed the FAA that question, let’s see what they say!


And tomorrow the airport is surrounded by the FAA and it’s shut down forever… But on a serious note, I should have thought of that!


Was KBLM ever a military field? Here in Florida we have a number of former military fields that have been modified and thus have odd runways/artifacts of runways . . . although in this case, from the Google Earth view doesn’t appear to be the case.


I know it has always been a regular airport.


No, KBLM was developed from a gravel pit by a single individual, Ed Brown, and was originally called Allaire Airport.

However, there are many GA airports in NJ that served as an armed forces training facility during WWII (and during WWI), even ACY started life as a military airfield known as NAS Atlantic City.


Not only did one person develop it, all he had was a borrowed tank. Anyone that finds this history interesting, there is more here: … story+kblm


Thanks man. I am pretty keen on aviation history so I will check that out when I have a chance.

You seem pretty mature for someone who is 15: are you planning to go to one of the service academies?


I have no idea. Right now I just want to get my license and start flying.


Cool deal. But if you have any desire of serving in the military as a pilot, I’d be considering soon if you’re interested in a service academy, ROTC, or other options. Not pushing in one direction or the other, just saying that by 10th grade if you want an academy, it’s time to work on it.


Did they ever get back to you? I want to solve this mystery!!!


Nope, never got a reply.