NOTAM from hell...

Ok, this is what we locals received at KMBO-FAA NOTAM flavor not released as of this posting but sure will be interesting.

Do I land on the runway Monday? If not Monday, what about Tuesday. Or is it the taxiway on Monday, and land on the runway Tuesday. Great, land on the runway, taxiway is closed, where do I go, oh where do I go? As one CFI told me at the flight school, just land where there are no trucks in your path.

Will these jokers even know to put the yellow X down AND know to look both ways crossing taxiways when they are working on the runway. :open_mouth:

:laughing: :laughing: Jeeez! i had to read it twice to make sure I understood!!! What kind of hillbilly sheeeeeeeet is that??? I’m laughing but in disbelief. Yes I concur with the cfi. Just land and take off where theres no vehicular activity or FOD…(You’d hate for your prop to hit a broom, can, who the hell knows what else with these yahoos). Doing a flyby of your intended landing area (taxi-way or rwy) with plenty of call outs on the local freq would be exercising the smart side of your mind. But hey!!!Remember!!! They will be takin off T-giving…omg thats funny.

By the way…didnt you say that weather was rolling in your area about that time? I see things getting all jacked up if that happens.

I have a good feeling you are right. If they say one week, plan on two.


How about skipping next week altogether, that’d work too.

and much safer!!! :laughing:

You mean me or the workers? :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I wouldn’t mind the opportunity to polish up on taxiway landings since they are much narrower then most runways.

Other then this I don’t have any launch plans so I will remain grounded.

Seriously though, I hope transients check their NOTAMS or they will find themselves in a pickle especially if they arrive in the dark.

“Actually I wouldn’t mind the opportunity to polish up on taxiway landings since they are much narrower then most runways.”

You think someone would notice if you changed your call sign to “DAL-60” ? :wink:

Never saw a NOTAM that says the taxiway length.

NOTAMS LOOK-UP Abbreviations Click for Approach/Airway FDC Notams for:KMBO
(International notams may be incomplete)
GWO 11/302 MBO RWY 17/35 UNMKD WEF 0911241300
GWO 11/301 MBO RWY 17/35 CLSD WEF 0911231430-0911232330
GWO 11/149 MBO OBST TOWER 549 (273 AGL) 5.55 N LGTS OTS (ASR
1202261) TIL
GWO 11/303 MBO TWY NOW 4444X40
GWO 11/304 MBO TWY CLSD WEF 0911241300

So let me see if I can grasp this as this NOTAM panned out as I somewhat expected.


Runway open
Taxiway open and used for VMC or daylight only (No IFR operations)

Runway closed from 14:30 to 23:30
Taxiway open

Runway open
Taxiway closed beginning 13:00

If taxiway is closed, how does one get off the runway after 1300 tomorrow?


My guess for the taxiway distance (which never changed!) is to give the pilot available landing distance and width if they were to use the taxiway as the runway.

… and my engineering students don’t understand why they have to take so many communications classes. :confused: