KLM B747 aborts landing in St. Maarten, on video!

Video](http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=440_1179192181) KLM jumbo aborts landing due to Corsair B747 still on the active runway.

Although this was not really an uncommon happening, it’s really really cool to have caught it on video!!
He was at the right place at the right time.
(Depending of the outcome, from a passenger’s point of view, we could change “right” for “wrong” in the above sentence)

LOL at 1:00! haha (sorry had to announce that part)

Makes you glad the KLM dude was paying attention, and wonder what SXM ATC was thinking…

At least it wasn’t that close.

Looks to me like the Corsair crew took longer than expected to get into position. Looking at the chart Here, when departing from 27, you need to enter the runway at Foxtrot, taxi to the end of the runway, do a 180 and go. The begining the video shows the Corsair turning.

Would be interesting to hear the Tower’s frequency.

Oh wow, no taxiway…no wonder there was a problem…

While it may look spectacular to the general public, it really wasn’t that close. I’ve been in that situation on approach (not at SXM) several times before and it’s really no big deal…

Yeah, I’ve been in that situation @ SAN once before, it’s very rare for that to happen there. I was in an AA MD-80, sitting in the back, I heard the engines roar like on take off and we pulled up and banked to the right. Kinda weird cuz we were like 20 seconds from landing.

I agree, it really wasn’t that close. Spend a day at EAA Oshkosh, with multiple planes landing and departing on the same runway at the same time, and you’ll see planes within a 2-3 hundred feet of each other - one landing and another departing in front of it - all day long.

The choreography of arr/dep at AirVenture is amazing. The listen only conga line, the triple color spot operations of RWY 9/27…and it all works, and works well, safely.

Makes me wanna go back.
Is it too early to start an Airventure '08 thread? 8)
Definitely camping next time though. FlightAware brew-party?

sign me up. This year was the first time I did the camping thing at Oshkosh and it was the perfect experience.

Routine procedure…on a busy day at yyz, we may see it a couple of times a day…For those of us sitting in the back seat, its always a little scarier.


Do they regularly touchdown in front of the threshold there? It seems this 74 isn’t going to make it to the line.

Look at the one person up against the fence directly below the plane - ducking to avoid getting hit! THAT was a CLOSE one!

Betchya whoever was not flying was willing the aircraft up a little higher…puckers…yikes.

Nice pic…

Just another day at the beach! :wink: