KOSH A380 Spotting Question

Hello all,

I hope someone can help us figure this out: We are planning to go to Oshkosh tomorrow to see the arrival of the A380. Since I cannot miss work, we will drive from Chicago to try to spot it from outside the airport and then head back (it really pains us that we cannot stay). This would be our first KOSH trip and are not familiar with the area, so we’d like to ask the more experienced airventurers for suggestions on where to catch a good view of this magnificent bird.

Thank you for any help you may give us!


Call in sick and enjoy the show for at least one day! Live a little!

i’d agree.

it’ll be there thru sat i think.

anyways, i beleive it’s parked at mke until tues.

if you sit on layton, and they takin off on 36, then it’ll buzz you.

Doesn’t any airline fly a380’s in to KORD?

No. Only two visit US Soil: QFA12, from KLAX-YSSY, and QFA94, KLAX-YMML.

UAE moved theirs to CYYZ from KJFK.


Well, after some digging, we found the plan for the show and it shows the flightline is on R18. We are going to try to stand at one of the county roads close to the Final Approach and see if we can catch the A380 and also White Knight II.

As far as calling in sick and just attending for a day, I don’t think it would do us any good, since a show like this is impossible to enjoy in such a short time. We hope that next year we wiil have the money and time to be there for the whole week.

Thank you again!

It is my understanding that the A380 will perform (possibly) a demo, and then land on runway 36.

I believe Air France will begin A380 KJFK-LFPG in November

I checked out some youtube videos of the A380 landing in Milwaukee yesterday. They say it will take off from Milwaukee on Friday evening. May be that would be more convenient for you.

airbus.com/en/myairbus/headl … /index.jsp
Airbus brought its A380 to the north-central U.S. city of Milwaukee today on a stopover before its starring role at this week’s 2009 AirVenture Oshkosh gathering in Wisconsin - which is one of the world’s largest aviation events.

Completing the 3,800 naut. mile trip from Airbus’ Toulouse, France headquarters, the A380 made a smooth afternoon touchdown on Runway 19R at Milwaukee’s General Mitchell International Airport after a flight of 8 hr., 40 min.


Here it is landing on 36 at OSH…

A380 Hard Landing at Oshkosh - YouTube)

Here it is landing on 36 at OSH…

A380 Hard Landing at Oshkosh - YouTube)

Well you sure wouldn’t see a Boeing land like that. Geez… :unamused:[/quote]


OMG- way to go Airbus!

Okay…so he got the “two” wire instead of the “three”… :open_mouth:

The Frenchie slammed that bird on. Everyone on board is now 2" shorter

I’ve seen the 380 hit (land) at LAX in nearly calm winds. The swaying back and forth with big rudder inputs seems to be SOP. Here is a landing in calm winds. Watch the plane and rudder inputs.

- YouTube)

I tell you what. That plane’s too big! If we were meant to fly in a plane that big then Boeing would have made it. Yes, sir. :slight_smile:


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From the LiveATC forum:

I was there for the landing on Tues. There were strong cross winds coming from the west. Runway 36(L) was the only runway that it could use. There was only one turn off that the A380 could take to get to the display area. All of the taxiways past that one were too small, so they would have had to tow him back. Upon review of the landing, he planted it right on the numbers in order to have enough stopping room. It looks worse in the video than it did in person. I’m no pilot, but I’d say for the conditions that day and the fact that he HAD to make that taxiway, it was an okay landing.

Just to add a bit of perspective.