A380 at O'Hare info


Would anyone know approximately what time the 380 is supposed to arrive at KORD on Tuesday the 20th?
I have see different blurbs about it coming, but no specific flight times.
It is coming from JFK to ORD, and since I work under the outer marker for 14R (chstr) which is the longest runway at ORD, and will have my camera and scanner at hand, would also love to know what call sign they would be using if anyone has that info.
Geez, hope they don’t use 32L, that would kill it for me! :smiley:

Thanks all,
Neil 8)


I believe the flight is going to be operated by Lufthansa. Maybe that helps?

I guess the other trick would be to keep searching for A380 flights that day and hope you catch it in time!


According to this article, the 380 will be operated by Lufthansa from Germany to Dulles to Kennedy on the 19th then ORD on the 20th. They say it will most like land on 14R/32L since its the widest.



I assume this would be the proper link to track all A380 activity?


“A380-800 (quad jet)” I assume it’s the only vairiant of the A380 these days?


Thanks everyone for responding. :slight_smile:

Neil 8)


I read somewhere that the Lufthansa flight will be #8940 from Frankfurt, arriving at JFK at 1230edt (1630z) on Monday.
Does anyone know the flight number of the Quantas 380
landing at LAX on Monday? I haven’t been able to find that one.
I also don’t know if it will retain the same flight number when it
flies to ORD.
Thanks, Jan


Departure Airport: Frankfurt, Germany (FRA)
Scheduled Time: 9:10 AM, Mar 19
Actual Time: 9:10 AM, Mar 19
Arrival Status: In air

Arrival Airport: New York, NY (JFK)
Scheduled Time: 11:47 AM EST, Mar 19
Estimated Time: 11:29 AM EST, Mar 19

Flight Details
Aircraft: A388
Ground Speed: 453 KTS
Altitude: 36000 feet


Since dropdown boxes are too difficult to make and there are 5 different Lufthansa popping up and I can’t get any of them to show the flight
can someone tell me what is going on?

Five tries to login and I had to change my password again (second time in two days.)


See rant-and-rave at discussions.flightaware.com/view … c&start=25 regarding the proper spelling of one of the world’s oldest airlines!


Actually DLH8940


Hey, I am looking for the exact same thing. It is pretty for sure that it will be 14R or 32L depending on the winds?


I have lived in Franklin Park for 40 years which neighbors southeast O hare airport (and which all flights that come in on 32L fly directly over my house.) I could say this much. If the plane comes in on runway 32 L it would fly in over residential homes. If it would come in on runway 14R it would fly in over an industrial park. My bet is it is going to come in on 14R between the times of 8am and 12pm CST on March 20, 2007. I don’t understand why they don’t want to announce the arrival time seeing they are trying to promote this model to the US market… BAD PUBLICITY!!! I will see you all there in the front of 14R with my video camera rolling :slight_smile:


ORD hasn’t used 32L as a primary landing runway in years.


I beg to differ…


it should be landing about 1:00pm acording to TRACON


You can beg all you want … I have been based at ORD for years and been flying out of ORD since our birds had props on them. 32L for arrivals is an exceedingly rare configuration, in fact, I have not landed on 32L in at least the last 10 years. Occasionally, ATC will route a few of the very early morning freighters in on 32L but only very very early in the morning and only to p!ss off the whiny noise sensitive neighbors. Otherwise it’s 27L or 14R for the middle of the night stuff. 32L is exclusively used for departures when it’s light out. 32L/T10, 32L/Mike or 32L full length being the normal launch spots, depending upon seniority. :slight_smile:

And the 380 will be arriving ORD tomorrow around 1pm.


Airbus A380 Announcement

The Airbus A380 is scheduled to land at O’Hare International Airport on March 20 as part of a demonstration flight that is authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration to meet technical route-proving requirements.

The aircraft is expected to land and be staged on a remote part of O’Hare’s airfield, away from public view and not visible from surrounding airport roadways. There will be no public tours of the aircraft.

We ask that aviation enthusiasts not arrive at or near O’Hare Airport on March 20 with the expectation that they will be able to watch the Airbus A380 land or view from any airport runway or taxiway.

We are providing limited access to select members of the news media so that they may film and share footage of the event with the general public via print and television news outlets.



Thanks, but no argument. I live where they fly in directly over my house. I will admit that in the recent year the arrivals have declined but they still do land on 32L. LOL! So your the SOB who I can be mad at when they decide to use that runway overnight when I am trying to sleep.


If you don’t like airplane noise, don’t buy a house near an airport.

I’ve flown aircraft my entire life. I love airplane noise but my house is not anywhere near an airport.

Sleep well. :laughing:


Nothing from Mayor Doogie…I mean Daley…about aviation surprises me anymore. At LAX and JFK, enthusiasts were expected and planned for. Don’t tell me Chicago is not capable of doing the same.

If enthusiasts cannot expect to be able to watch it land, what are they gonna do, block off the area? The A380 isn’t top secret you know. If you know the current landing runways, of course you will be able to watch it land, you just have to be smart about it.

That guy is seriously a nutjob.