O'Hare Will they ever get 380 flights ?

Is there any routes into O’Hare that would use the 380 ?

Probably not for quite awhile. Lufthansa is probably the only airline that could fill one profitably but since their flights depart from T1, the aircraft won’t fit there.

It would have to be one of the airlines that depart from T5 and none of them do well at ORD AND have A380’s.

About 15 years ago, QFA had their YSSY and YMML service starting from JFK, and pretty much picked up passengers along the route, stopping at KORD and KLAX, before heading overseas. UAL also had that same setup.

Obviously with the A380s coming in and staying only at LAX until the return trip, does QFA still have a route to ORD, and if the economics were right, could they run their A380s to ORD?


QF doesn’t serve Chicago unless you count a code share as serving the city.

Believe you are wrong about the JFK services to Australia 15 years ago. They did have a JFK-LAX segment but not a passenger segment that included ORD.

Qantas wouldn’t be allowed to carry local passengers on the LAX-ORD segment and now with OneWorld and their AA codeshare, AA can carry all Australia-bound Chicago passengers to LAX (and now DFW) for them.

It’s not worth it to throw an A380 2000+ miles with just about 100 pax onboard just to serve ORD with your own metal.

The problem is, that ORD isn´t THE transatlantic desteination. Befor any airline will start services with the capacity of an A380 to chicago, they will go to the typical destinations like JFK and LAX.
If O´hare prepare a gate near the United stands for A380, it could be possible that LH starting an A380 service to ORD in cause of Star Alliance Hub.

Just landed at LAX on the way back to work. In a Brasilia not a 380. I did see a Singapore 380 taxiing for departure and the usual 2 qantas 380s and 2 747s parked in their usual spots behind the AA hangar.

Singapore Airlines super Jumbo comes via Narita, next to the A340-500 nonstop service.

Theres absolutely NO GATE SPACE for a 380 at ORD…plain and simple…departure would be T1…not a good idea…hopefully after the expansion.