Where's the new airbus flying to?

Been waiting to see it overhead. Is it’s flight path over me in the Upper Peninsula?

Is the Whale coming to the states again? Haven’t heard anything here…

You mean the 380?
I think it’s only doing scheduled service between Singapore/Sydney and Singapore/Heathrow with Tokyo to come soon. Besides Singapore only Qantas and Emirates are taking delivery of any this year so it doesn’t look good for seeing any on revenue flights in the US for a while. My best guess is Qantas to LAX possibly this year, after that Lufthansa gets their first one next year so JFK could see that service.


Cool, will look foward to seeing that big ole heifer in the sky! :wink:

Supposedly with the winter schedules ie. October 2008, but not in any CRS yet.

Emirites will be serving New York to Dubai on the A380 starting in October of this year.