Qantas flights to LHR


Based on recent FA data it looks like QF is now only flying their A388s to DXB and not on to LHR. Any info appreciated. I was at LHR on July 9 and saw one A388 there but all the data (and some recent news reports suggest that one of the consequences of their partnership with Emirates is that people can change planes and go to their actual destination on an Emirates flight. As an example it is MUCH easier for me to go to LGW and if I was coming from Aus I would change planes and go on one of the Emirates 3 x daily flights. I know QF is having a tough time, and this may be one reaction
Looking for insight


Search engines are confusing, I know…


I understand what QF posts as it’s schedule but do not understand / see how that correlates with FA data. I was tracking these flights closely for a couple of months looking at fleet utilization and what I see now does not make sense


Go check FA data against Flight Radar 24. Flight Radar shows QF2 (VH-OQI) in route LHR to DXB and QF1 (OQG) DXB - LHR. Neither show on FA. Why the anomaly?


I check Qantas flight ops yesterday they still run A388’s to LHR at present have a good one :smiley: