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Qantas routinely missing between DXB and LHR

A couple of times have looked for QF flights to/from LHR, but data seems sketchy or non-existent (but visible on other trackers).
Looking at QFAs 1,9, 2 & 10, the data is available between SYD/MEL and DXB, but not DXB-LHR, however Emirates flying the same route is covered. Understand part of the route would be “secondary coverage”, but why would Qantas be covered for one sector, but not the other?
Have checked other threads re missing flights, but can’t see the case where airlines normally covered have differing coverage on the same route.

If its a Qantas aircraft it should display tracking however if its another airline such as Emirates and Qantas co sharing it won’t show Qantas on the flight tracker only the Emirates flt number and the aircraft on this route. Eg: EK 434 DXB/BNE EK435 BNE/AKL co share QF 126 but the tracker says Emeriates EK435 A388

Hi Colin370
The flight numbers mentioned are all Qantas aircraft (A380s)

Hi ayabee,

I checked in with this problem you should be able to see the tracking of QF A380’s DXB-LHR tracking them sometimes i have found the aircraft up to high out of range or it’s my system. Or my mode beast box.

I cannot see the problem from my fr24.com box and my mode beast box can track flight numbers and aircraft in this region for Qantas

Hi - thanks for the comments.
Agree I can see these flights on FR24 at least near Dubai and closer to London, which implies the data source is OK.

Interestingly I (accidentally) found some data as Qantaslink flight.
flightaware.com/live/flight/QLK9 … /OMDB/EGLL