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Australia Tracking Down?


It seems all the Australian flights have gone into ‘ESIMATED’ mode, where as they used to be green/blue etc with their data (FL, SPD etc).

The routes are also not showing up when trying to search up a Qantas aircraft for example, the other day routes and all where showing up

In the Australian afternoon/evening of Wednesday the 4th, we experienced some problems with our Australian data feed. We have an automated system to detect problems and announce it to affected users on the web site, but the problem was intermittent enough that it didn’t trip that alert. Everything appears OK now.

Also flights in the interior of the country generally are estimated due to the lack of radar coverage there.

I am still seeing everything as estimated, even within the east coast ‘J curve’ of normal radar coverage. Before yesterday, all these flights would show up as either green or blue depended on what airport I was selected on. I have attached picture to show all aircraft are grey and ‘estimated’.


Yes, we’re having another problem with the data source. They are repairing it as we speak.

However, you’ll notice that a red notice appears on Australian flight tracking pages now to advise you of the problem.

This is resolved now.

Just a heads up guys, it seems it has happened again today (10th Sydney) and no warning has popped up… Just thought I would let you know that it appears the warning isn’t getting tripped again :slight_smile:


EDIT: Looks like it has now appeared. Look forward to it being fixed and back running normal, cheers guys! :slight_smile:

Hi Guys,

After yesterdays outage in Australia it now appears that most flights no longer have route information? Before the outage every single aircraft that was on the map would have a route associated with, now all thats showing is Altitude and Speed on the flight page (i.e. When I looked at this the other day it had a route, and now it longer does like its been deleted. Also all the live flights with just regos for example VH-XKI no longer has route information either?).

Is this due to the outage or are you guys no longer putting routes for Australian flights? :frowning:

After researching this more, it appears the airlines (except airlines with propellar aircraft) have full route information coming up, but VH- registered aircraft and airlines with non-jet aircraft (Rex, Qlink) have only the filed alitutude and speed before the flight. Before it had full route and speed/alt information pre-flight corresponding to the flight plan filed. See pic below for more info. If you could rectify this issue it would be awesome :slight_smile:

In the pic above you can see that the JST aircraft has full route information aswell as filed alt/speed, however the rex aircraft has only filed speed/alt and NO route. Prior to this monday, both would have Route and Speed/Alt information!

Hi machine2035
I believe that we in Austalia have only recently come shall we say on line with this site and therefor the site is having teething problems as I have found that the system does not seem to be working at its best right now
Rightly or wrongly I sent my emails direct to the contact point.
Given time I can see that this program may/could be benificial to us folk down under


I understand your point, but it is just weird how everything was working fine (Every aircraft had full route information and everything!) before the outage a few days back.

I think its clearly evident they are still recieving the flights plans for the aircraft with no route as there is still speed and level information, there must just be problem getting that route to show up :slight_smile: (or so at least I hope!).

I look forward to FA’s response to this issue :slight_smile:

Hi, everyone. Thanks for your interest and support.

We’re working out an issue with our Australian flight plan data provider and as a byproduct, do not currently display the text route for flights with Australian flight plans.

Sorry about that – we’re working to restore it and will keep you posted.

Thanks for the information.

It is weird that there is text route information for flights under Virgin Australia, Qantas etc.

Any update on this one guys?

No change yet.

Okay no problems.

Can you explain why flightplans for Virgin and Qantas show up, but others dont? Seems kind of odd?



Still no update??

Also now looks like the Qantas and Virgin plans aren’t showing up :frowning:

Was great when Australia tracking first started, now it appears half the services which were available back then have dissapeared :frowning: