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greetings all
I don’t know if it’s me or what but it would appear that info for YPEA, YPED and YAMB have been removed/deleted from FlightAware or was I dreaming that it was there in the first place.
Any takers as to the reason why or you will have to shoot me if you divolge such informstion


Yep, Pearce and the other RAAF bases used to show up… I remember looking it up for the Pearce Airshow a month or so back.

As I mentioned in this post here, it seems the service for Australia is degrading, now no flightplans/routes are available at all which is upsetting.

Hopefully they can get the issue rectified, however they seem to be ignoring my posts :frowning:


Yeah Guys I have only recently joined 15th June. I was very impressed with the site and information available. I have been monitoring inbound YLIS Regional Express flights from YSSY. Being at the airport 24/7 I could get to see how accurate the information was. I was impressed to find that approximately 6 mins after the aircraft had touched down the site had updated with accurate arrival time. However since Thursday 21st June all inbound RXA have unknown arrival times and arrival times are updated with the actual Sydney departure time Eg. Depart YSSY 1520 Arrive YLIS 1520. I’m not sure what has happened there. I understand that Australia has not long been included so I guess there will be a few bugs to get sorted. Outbound flights are still working perfectly. I will still monitor the situation for a while hopefully it will right itself. Ay this stage I think it wiser to work with no information than incorrect information. It is still an impressive site however although the actual aircraft registration on commercial flights would be very helpful saving me to have to log on to another tracking site. In the words of ‘Old’ Mr Grace " Keep going you are all doing very well"


More than likely FA is having problems with the information feed from CASA, which I’m sure they’re working to correct.


Thanks all for your replies but on doing a re think my gut feeling is that FlightAware have in place a commercial agreement with Airservices Australia to be able to operate a link but they (Airservices Australia) have now put restrictions on what FlightAware is allowed to display. I know for commercial reasons FlightAware is not going to to come straight out either denying or confirming any of this and I respect them for it but it would be nice to have some reason as to what is going on re Australian information on FlightAware


Yep, unfortunately I agree with what you have said. AsA are most likely the provider of the data (or some private company with links back to AsA). It is just a shame the amount of information available when Australia tracking was launched, and it seems to degrade to the point where it is now. A map of aircraft moving around and thats about it… I can use a ADS-B tracker for that!


Still being ignored by the FA staff…

Please just a response on what is happening with the Australian data and not complete SILENCE!

I was told over a month and a half a go stuff was being done to try and rectify/fix the issue, and now I get the silent treatment to two questions I have asked in two different threads, both regarding dodgy Australian data!


The missing airport codes (some of which are Australian like YPEA) are back.


The information is presented on a best effort basis, we provide as much to the public as we can.

We include many GA flights that are not ADS-B equipped and ADS-B only sites would not have the flight plan information for.



Thank you for a response finally from the FA team.

Can you please explain why Departure, Destination, Filed TAS and Filed LVL are available, yet no text routing is available?

It makes no sense if you can grab information such as filed airspeed and altitude, that you cannot grab the text route as it used to be shown until a month or two back.


We present as much information as we can to the public. If you’re an operator with specific needs beyond what is available to the public, please contact us during Australian or US business hours.

Are you an API user or a website user? For example on flightaware.com/live/flight/RXA3 … /YSSY/YLIS I see different arrival and departure times for every flight.

The unknown arrival time is due to a lack of arrival confirmation from YLIS. We see the aircraft get close and low altitude, but we never get an actual arrival message. I’ll see if we can get more information on that.


Thank you mduell for your help. The link you posted does indeed have a departure and estimated arrival time. I had been at the main airport activity page flightaware.com/live/airport/YLIS where the En Route/Scheduled to … section has departure and Est Arrival time but once in the Arrivals section, ‘Arrive’ time reverts to YSSY Departure time. Now that I am aware I can click on the Ident and it brings up the corresponding flight showing the departure and estimated arrival time … excellent Thank you. The estimated times have been, so far to date, very accurate. Website user by the way. I subcontract to the JetA1 operator and the more paperwork completed pre arrival the easier the work load. I will get the FBO information up once I get it sorted with management.


Okay, well that means Routes should be available now as they were available when you first started Australia flight tracking. If you cant present it to the public now, why did you do it the first place? Text routes can be seen for US flights, and could originally be seen for AU flights and now the feature has dissapeared. I am asking why? I am yet to recieve an answer from the FA staff :frowning:


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