Black Hole/ Ghost flights

Morning all from Adelaide (2314GMT)
Im still trying to come to grips with primary and secondry areas when trying to track particular aircraft and I will use N767A as my example of what I mean “A black hole/Ghost flights”
I have been trying to track N767A ever since I was informed that this a/c was to visit Adelaide. FlightAware has logged this a/c at Shannon (FINN/SNN) on the 02/05/2012 after a flight from Houston Bush (KDAL)
What I am find difficult to understand and comming to grips with is that it would appear that since leaving Shannon all the a/c flight must have occurred out side primary areas which I really find very hard to believe as it would have travelled a large part of the world before ariving in Japan
Hope some one can clarify where I an going wrong
PS. Did place an alert for this a/c but only recieved one to day informing me of the flight from Japan to Adelaide

Evening mate;
Unfortunately most of the world is outside the primary area. N767A probably left Shannon for Dhahran (DHA) then possibly Japan a few days later. The middle east in general is not noted for being forthcoming with information so I doubt any country here will be in the primary area anytime soon. Europe is hit and miss, I’m surprised there is no departure flight plan from Shannon regardless of destination. The alert was probably triggered when the flight plan was filed. The folks in Houston might expand on the more technical aspects of this. I sat at the hotel at the Stansted Airport (EGSS) a few weeks ago, Flight Aware bore no resemblance to what was going on.

John in Saudi

The only regions with publicly available flight tracking for GA are the US, Canada, and Australia currently. The European GA data can only be redistributed to the operators.

No wonder I never see myself.

John is your sled datalink equipped? We’re announcing a service Monday including satcom/VDL tracking.

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We’re iPad equipped.