A flight is not tracked

I know there is a flight enroute to the USA but is not tracked… Every time I try to input the airline and flight number, I am getting the information for yesterday’s flight and also tomorrow’s flight. Nothing is being displayed at all for the flight now which is enroute… not even one iota of data. How can I get to somebody to get this displayed now… thanks

Is there some law that says when a person is posting about a specific flight that the flight in question cannot be identified? It’s not just you, deafstamps, but many others.

How can you expect to get help if you don’t give details? I’m talking about (not so) trivial information such as the airline and the flight number.

That said, based on the little information you gave, it could be that today’s flight was operated under another flight number. While the passengers may be booked on flight ABC123, for air traffic control purposes the flight could be operated as ABC333.

I’m also amazed at the number of people who go here first without, in many cases, trying the airline’s own website. 99.99% of the airlines with a website have a way of seeing if a flight is on time.

Similar problem here. Today I was going to track Qantas Flight 1806 but it was nowhere to be found on this web site. [Yes, I did check the departure & arrival times on the Qantas site]
I have done this many times without this problem so there must be some data collection problem going on right now?
The utility on this site is called “Live Flight Tracking” so checking the departure and arrival times on the Qantas site is a poor substitute.

Flights that originate in countries outside of our primary coverage areas may not always be visible on our site until it enters the controlled airspace of an area that we receive data for.

If tomorrow’s flight in question happens to depart from the USA, then it’s understandable that we may have already receive the pre-filed flight plan in advance.

A lot of Qantas data out of Perth, Western Australia, seems to be missing?

I probably see the same problem as the original poster

I was tracking departure time for [flight]Delta 1189[/flight] out of SLC for today, November 10. It showed up correctly, but at about the time it was supposed to take off, it disappeared from FlightAware, and now I can only see yesterday’s and tomorrow’s flights.

Update: 30 minutes later (after de-icing and a late take off), this flight is listed and tracked again for today, November 10.

Maybe this is a feature? But I could not find any info on this in the FAQ.

Another example - Emirates flight 225, November 25, OMDB → KSFO.
The flight was in the upcoming flights, then suddenly disappeared 2-4 hour before scheduled takeoff (8:45 local time).
The only flight listed when searching was the one which arrived November 24.

Surprisingly, watching the OMDB flights, the plane showed up there, but was still not found when I clicked on the airplane icon, it again took me to the previous day’s flight. The data associated with the flight as it is leaving OMDB is:
UAE225 B77W
246 480

I can still see the flight by scrolling to where I expected the airplane to be, although I think it will be leaving secondary coverage relatively soon, as it heads over Iran.

Edit: OMDB->KLAX has the same problem, but OMDB->KJFK is fine. Perhaps it’s a problem with the destination localtime still being Saturday, while the origin is Sunday. I’ll look again sometime after midnight PST. (I’m a software developer by trade, so I try to figure out the bugs by behavior).

Edit2: It didn’t show up after midnight PST, perhaps it showed up after either the 9:05 EST transoceanic report, or the 11:45 PM EST report from Edmonton Center, but is there at 12 PM EST.