Qantas Airlines Flt #73


I’m following Qantas flight #73 from Sydney to San Francisco. The Qantas website shows that the flight already left Sydney about 2 hrs ago. But Flightaware has it as not having left yet.

Why the discrepancy? How do I know which website is correct?



Below the map it shows:
At least part of this flight occurs outside of FlightAware’s primary service area. Learn more about FlightAware’s coverage and service areas here.


We don’t have a direct feed from Qantas, so we won’t see it until it enters US controlled airspace.


Okay, I forgot about that part (I’m so used to usually tracking domestics). So it won’t show the plane in the map unless it’s in a primary, won’t show actual departure/arrival times unless it’s in a secondary, but out of the service area, it will at least acknowledge a rough estimate of its planned departure time, and then update as it nears a service area? That’s my general understanding of the FAQ – if I’ve interpreted it correctly.

Thank you.


Oh ok, didn’t know that. You would think that since Qantas is quite a large airline, that they’d avail themselves to your company, but I guess that’s not always the case. Yet, if I track by airline, it will show how many Qantas planes are in the sky at any one time, so I guess direct feed or not, Flightaware has some way of still keep track of those airplanes.

Very interesting system… I don’t use this everyday or even every week, but when I do, I’m always learning something new.