I'm Confused - No movement/updates?


Hi everyone.
This is my first time on this site. My partner is currently on a flight to Orlando. I have typed in his flight number and it shows the time the flight was due to leave and a map of where its going from and to.
The flight should have left, however nothing is updating. I am not seeing any movement on the map or anything to say its actually departed etc.
I am on the live tracking page. Is there something else or another page I should be looking at?
Sorry if I sound really dumb, but I thought when the flight takes off, it would show me on the map the movement etc?
Please help, i’m so confused. :confused:
Thanks very much x


There is a six minute delay.


Yeah its been over 30mins now. I’ve just read on another site that it will only track the flight once its in America airspace which I was not aware of. He is flying from England which is probably why. The site didnt make that clear when I registered.
Do you know of any other sites where I will be able to track him from such a distance?
thanks for helping.


On international flights, you will see this just below the map:
At least part of this flight occurs outside of FlightAware’s service area. Information on this page may be unreliable.


You probably won’t find any more information that you will get here. All the tracking sites receive the same information.


His flight should appear when it’s about half way across the pond.

The UK air traffic data can’t be distributed to the public.