Flight data not appearing QANTASLINK


This has happened a few times now qantaslink flights not appearing at all for the day they have flown, i have let a few instances of this issue go but there seems to be an issue with flightaware data qantaslink qje1940/1941 on the 16th of June as an example.

could you investigate please?


We are currently experiencing an outage of most Australian flight positions since June 14. We’ve been attempting to escalate the problem there but it will probably not get resolved until sometime on their Monday.

ok, thought as much, could you update when this issue has been resolved possibly?

qantaslink data still not being received QJE1851 25/06 950am AEST

I thought this issue was being resolved 2 weeks ago? any update

There are ongoing reliability issues at the Australian ATC facility that cause our feed to go up/down every few days. We have little direct control over it since their equipment is not maintained by us, but we are attempting to escalate the significance of this issue with them for a longer term improvement.

thanks bovineone

what is strange in relation to the reliability issue is that today for instance i received flight information for all my flights except qje1851. So for instance qje1941 was received where as 1851 was no good, i would of thought if it was a reliability issue everything would be effected. obviously i do not have the full detail of the issue but it is frustrating

i hope they can resolve this issue