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Flights not appearing as scheduled until airborne

Hello there, over the past few weeks I’ve noticed that most flights for Jetstar (JQ/JST) have not been showing on FlightAware until they’re airborne. I’m unsure if this has been happening with other carriers. Is there any way this could be fixed?


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I am noticing thist too. Can this be fixed? Same for Qantas.

Typically this happens if we don’t have a schedule in advance, which has been happening more recently due to the constant changes in airline schedules due to COVID.


as I commented on a different post, I’m suffering it in almost every single flight from/to a couple of Europe airports I’m supervising, and according to FlightAware, it is not its error.

However, I’m currently working on the use of a different API (I cannot keep my app without flights information), and it is getting all the information, so clearly there is something with FlightAware API.