ASA475 problem


anyone have any idea why ASA475 yesterday shows status unkown, and it’s now almost 30 minutes after wheels up time and while alaskatracker shows the flight is airborne, flightaware still says scheduled???


not sure if my post had anything to do with it but it seams to have either gotten cleared up or has cleared itself up, either way cheers :slight_smile:


Your post is at 11:05PM PDT shows (gate times):
Scheduled Departure Time 10:30PM PDT
Actual Departure Time 11:16PM PDT
Scheduled Arrival Time 1:02AM PDT
Actual Arrival Time 1:44AM PDT

Sounds like they changed their actual departure time after your post.


It’s rather strange, the alaska air tracker showed them in the air when they actually wern’t, my gf who was on the flight said they pulled away from the gate then a passanger began to have difficulty breathing so they returned to the gate and the person was taken off by paramedics, resulting in a total delay of over an hour, perhaps this is an example that should be included in the FAQ as far as why to pay attention to this vs the airlines tracking page?