AA 254 Data


The arrival data for AA254 (OGG-LAX) is incorrect. At least it is for 8/24/07. I’ve been watching this data for a few weeks to see the likelihood of arriving early. The flight is due into LAX around 10:35. I was on the flight last night and it arrived at 10:22, not making it to the gate until nearly 10:50. Yet FlightAware indicates the flight arrived at 9:54pm. At 9:54pm, we were still over the Pacific, just off the coast of Santa Barbara.

How is this data fed? I can only assume that the data in previous weeks is incorrect too. Here I was thinking I’m on the only flight to arrive this late in weeks - what bad luck! When in fact, the times posted on FA are just wrong.

Just thought somebody should know.



Just throwing this out (FA gurus always correct me, so then we both learn)…

The arrival message may have been when your flight was passed off from SoCal Approach to LAX tower. Don’t ask me where I got that from, but I know there are multiple mentions of this happening in multiple threads.