BAW283 today

Hi there,

I’m trying to track my husbands BA flight to LAX from LHR, today. I’ve found it on Flight Aware and have it on my screen, but it says

“Status Arrived over 23 hours ago”

This looks like yestrdays flight, so what am I doing wrong? :blush:

Thanks for your help guys,

Kim ( logged in as Flightman )

Since it’s an international arrival, we don’t receive a departure message for it, so we don’t know that the flight has operated until we get an arrival message.

But we do receive position updates, and it’s right over the Nevada/California border on the map right now. It should be arriving in just under an hour.

Thanks. I was just unsure as to whether it was his flight, or yesterdays, so thanks for clearing that up.

I can look forward to a phone call in 90 mins or so! :laughing:

How’s that for Service! FlightAware staff soothing the concerns of nervous wives everywhere, in real time!

Way to go!