Flight Tracking Broken (BA299 03/03/2007)



Sorry if I’m missing something here, but the real time flight tracking is not working.

I’m trying to track a girl friend’s flight, left LHR at 15:58 to arrive ORD (Chicago) at 18:18 (estimated).

But the Real Time Flight Tracking is showing the info for the flight on 28 October 2006, 125 days ago.

Something wrong here? You can check the info for BA299 on flightstats.com and it’s definitely a valid flight.

I liked this site because of the real time flight map, but am disappointed that it’s not working. I’m really into flight, and the ability to track it via map was something that really excited me.

Any help appreciated.




FA doesn’t track international flights.


Ah damn. Sorry if this is taboo, but could anyone recommend a free (or very low cost paid) service that tracks international flights (without a dependency on them leaving or arriving in the US) that also shows a map and possibly altitude info as well?




It could also be that British is using a flight number for its timetables and another flight number for the actual flight. Check out BAW2H. This flight just happens to start showing up beginning 29 Oct 06.

Use the “don’t know the flight number” link to try to find a flight if you can’t find the flight you are looking for.



I cannot find that flight n the list of flights using the ‘Don’t know flight number’ section.

There seem to be other British Airways flights there, just not the one she’s on.

The details for the flight are:
Scheduled Depart: 1530 GMT
Scheduled Arrive: 18:10 GMT
Saturday 03 Mar.

But there is no such flight.




One other thing.

If you look at flight UAL959, it shows Departure as 2214 GMT but arrival as 1614 CST. They are the same times. And if the flight departed about half an hour ago (at time of writing) how can it have already travelled 3000 miles?

Confused. Greatly.



There is such a flight as I obviously was able to find it. You need to find it while it is flying or scheduled or recently arrived.

For the flights you mentioned, you’ll noticed that the arrival is only 3 hours after departure. That’s because the FAA didn’t get the flight information until the flight was in US jurisdiction (unless, of course, BAW has extremely fast airplanes).


International flight tracking and related information is often “flaky.” Please take to heart the explanation on the international flight screens that reads … “At least part of this flight occurs outside of FlightAware’s service area. Information on this page may be unreliable.” … and avoid the confusion of trying to make sense of something that is not dependable.


Ah, I get you now. sorry. It showed up in the end, maybe I’ll try airnav or something like that. As I said, I wouldnt mind paying for a decent worldwide service.




You won’t be able to get worldwide service. For the UK, unless you are an airline you won’t get the data from their equivalent of the FAA.