Tracking info doesn't reflect flight


Hello, please forgive me if I’m in the wrong place.
I was on the BA flight from London to Aberdeen (BA1310, 6 July 2017) was due to depart at 10.05 am. We were boarded onto the plane, however, due to technical difficulties we had to remain on the plane for an hour. We were returned to the terminal and we eventually boarded the next plane at 2.20pm. When we arrived in Aberdeen the airport were not prepared for our arrival, resulting in further delay. We didn’t not arrive in Aberdeen until 4.20pm.
This isn’t shown on your flight tracker, I know my times are correct as I texted my friends the delayed times as they were happening.
Please can you tell me how you got your tracking information? Thank you


The tracking info for that flight is almost entirely from ADS-B (i.e. positions sent by the aircraft itself), departing London around 1300 local time and arriving Aberdeen 1405.

Perhaps the flight you ended up flying on after the delay flew under a different flight number, not BAW1310?


Thank you for such a quick reply. I will look into this further.