Flight ADB1780 UR-82073 (4th Sep 2012)

To anyone who can help!

Flight ADB1780 (UR-82073) A124 is scheduled today, according to Flightaware, to fly from Athens to Saudi Arabia.

This flight left DSA (EGCN) Doncaster Airport UK to (i am assuming Athens) this morning at 8:00am UK time. Why therefore does this not show anywhere on Flightaware?

The flight into DSA yesterday evening under ADB158F also did not show anywhere?

Can someone please explain why as it would be nice to get a heads up as to when cargo is due in to/out of Doncaster

Thanks :frowning:

We can only display public flight tracking in regions where ATC allows public redistribution (US, Canada, Australia) or the airline allows redistribution (about 50 airlines currently). ADB doesn’t participate in public flight tracking, we only have coverage where ATC provides for public use. In the case of the Athens-Saudi flight, the flight plan came from Australia and I wouldn’t expect any actual flight tracking for it. The UK does not offer public ATC-based flight tracking at this time.

Many thanks for your explanation.

I would love to be able to get information on Cargo flights in and out of Doncaster, East Mids etc (why they are coming in and where they have come from and going too. Looks like I may have to wait a while…