Flight not shown as tracked in ADS-B



I am wondering why some flights do not show up as tracked, while they are tracked by some ads-b stations. For example this afternoon this flight :
flightaware.com/live/flight/AFR6 … O/tracklog

has passed above my head and was tracked for about 15’, but tracklog only shows FA estimated positions. Does this mean that all tracks are not reported to FA? That my station is not properly reporting? Or is there some other rule that makes that not all flights are tracked?



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What ident did you receiver track the flight as?



The flight was recorded as MODE-S Id : 3985AA call sign : AF237VX.



There’s a couple issues here and the source of the problem is that they should fly as AFR not AF.

First, if you’re an ADS-B feeder to FA, you can enable position-only flights and track flights even without a flight plan, like the one you’ve descirbed.

Second, I opened a ticket internally to corretly identify the AF IATA code as the AFR ICAO code for flight plans and positions.


Thanks for the feedback. I already had position only flights enabled in my profile.



I continue the topic for the opposite situation. I have recorded take-off of BIE308F at 00:00Z last night. So far so good. Looking on the live tracking page, I saw the “Blocked This flight is restricted from public view.” and the track locally recoded was displayed for the flight track on the page. Out of curriosity, since the flight had no registered destination, I wondered if I would see the track until destination. I monitored the track expecting it would stop at the end of my receiving range. As a matter of fact, I can see the whole track until landing.

Is this normal?


When I switch to your user account on FA, I can track BIE308F from start to finish with the origin/destination etc. Can you screenshot the error?


I am not sure I understand what you mean by “screenshot the error”. There is no error, except being able to track a flight that is supposed to “not publicly available”. Thus my question " Is this normal?"


Where do you see that it’s not publicly available?

Because you are an ADS-B feeder and have enabled position-only flights, you can track flights that are solely based on ADS-B, even if it’s from other ADS-B sites, with disclaimers like, “Tracking data for this position-only flight is incomplete and potentially inaccurate.”




Yes, it’s notifying you that your account has access that is different from what most people would see.




Thanks Scott. Ironically the unhelpful reply did not even accurately answer the question since what we’re discussing is new technology, beta software, non-public features, etc.



back again on the topic with a disappointment after trying to track a flight I knew would be tracked by my receiver. Targe this time was LYS-FRA flight of this afternoon.

I can see all previous flights history with tracking, and see that my receiver recorded the beginning minutes of the flight. But for today flight (14h45 local time take-off). FA shows a straight “guesstimate line”, and 2 flights at the same time, one only last 1’ (???).

Did I just experience a “bad luck” bug for this flight or is this some other rule .


The problem is that Lufthansa 1077 aka LH1077 or DLH1077 operated the flight as “DLH54C” and we didn’t map it up properly. We have >95% of mappings correctly but that one wasn’t.

If you have position-only flights enabled in your profile, you could track DLH54C or you could track it on your receiver directly.

We’re constantly working to improve the mappings.



Thanks for the quick answer. Then I can move on to my next question :slight_smile:.

I was not home to track the flight, so I looked the flight using the find flight option from FA, which did not list DLH54C on this route. Is there a way I could find the flight without using a direct connection to my receiver, just by knowing the time and route?

BTW when looking for the DLH54C track, the history seems to stop on nov 13th. I tweaked the URLs to gets today track, but nothing came up. FWIW I used :
flightaware.com/live/flight/DLH5 … y/20141125
flightaware.com/live/flight/DLH5 … /LFLL/EDDF

did I miss something ?