Could someone please help me with historical flight data for a specific flight? (Details Inside)

The flight in question is:

LATAM Flight LA 8086
Departing on Jan 30, 2024
Originally scheduled for 11:05 PM to 6:25 AM

My free membership only goes back 3 months so hoping a premium member could help me with this. Not trying to grift this service, I just can’t afford a premium membership especially for this one use case.

I’m currently in discussion with the airline who claim this flight had to be cancelled for mechanical reasons. However, on the night this happened I tracked the flight online and thought I saw it departing that night with a slight delay (without me on it because agents wouldn’t let us board).

Would appreciate any supporting data on this. If I’m wrong, also willing to own up to that too. Thanks :pray:

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Yes, that flight on 30th Jan 2024 is showing as having departed and arrived on time.
A 787-9 Dreamliner, tail number CC-BGQ


Perfect, thank you Lawrence!


Sorry to hop on this post, but I am a bit lost - looking to track incoming flight to Palma Majorca on Sat 15th June, was due to leave manchester, and pick up Palma to Belfast International - EJU7257 - Easy jet saying cancelled due to “Weather” but I was also informed by an easyjet employee it was due to operational reason, I cannot seem to search this inbound flight, approx departure 1pm to 3pm, any assistance would be appreciated as getting the run around from Easyjet! If this post is not allowed, I apologise I am at my wits end!!!