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Scheduled Flights Bug

I think I may have stumbled upon a bug. Seems that lately FlightAware will show the page for a past diversion (instead of the current scheduled flight) for a flight that is scheduled to depart but has not yet departed. The current flight will correctly show up instead of the previous diversion once the new flight departs. I have noticed this on 2 of the 4 planes that I regularly track. Both of those planes show “diversions” in the last couple of weeks (those are actually incorrectly shown as diverted flights on FlightAware; the “diversions” were just changes to destinations with new flight plans after the original flight plans had already been filed but before the flights had actually departed), so I’m pretty sure the previous diversions are messing up the data for proposed flights somehow.

UPDATE: The problem is still there. One of the planes I regularly track has a flight scheduled this morning. I type in the tail number for the flight, click on “Track Flight,” and then the page for a diversion from over a week ago shows up instead of the current scheduled flight. The current flight is listed at the top of the list but seems to default to showing the diverted flight from last week. I saw this happen last night as well. However, last night, once again, as soon as the current flight departed it showed the current flight, not the diversion from over a week ago, when you typed in the tail number and clicked “Track Flight.”

I’ve seen that in the past and one popped up today flightaware.com/live/flight/N629BE it’s scheduled at SSF and when clicked it goes to a past diverted flight.

We are aware of this problem with diverted flights being given too high of a display priority and hope to have it resolved soon. (internal BUGZID 15495)