No flight data on API (v3 or v4) but other feeds show info


I am calling the API endpoint as;

This is for flight # QF2268 or EAQ2268 (Qantas) but no status info is showing at all even thought the flight exists and has departed (early) - as seen on many other feeds such as flightradar, google and planemapper, etc.

Please advise!

Screenshot 2023-10-25 102916

UPDATE: I think the issue is that when I originally called this ‘schedules’ endpoint;

the API flight ‘ident’ came back with ‘EAQ2268’ for this flight and thus subsequent calls to the ‘flight’ endpoint showed no results however if I use the QLK2268 flight # (Qantas Link) it shows the flight data.

Thanks for pointing out that QLK is probably the correct identifier for these flights. We’ve made a database change that should hopefully start improving the results from /aeroapi/schedules/ in the near future. Let us know if you do/don’t see anything different in a day or so.

ok, great. :+1:

Also thanks for the prompt reply!

It’s been 5 days since reporting the issue but even with your changes the issue is still present.

The ‘schedules’ endpoint is returning one identifier ‘EAQ2268’ but then the ‘flight’ endpoint is expecting ‘QLK2268’ for status updates.


The initial quickfix that I attempted turned out to be insufficient to handle this, so I’ve opened another internal ticket (BCK-8755) for a larger effort fix for this however I can’t say how long this other fix will take to be completed.

ok, thanks.

I’ll keep an eye on it but hopefully won’t take too long as there are several airports that aren’t getting flight status updates on their screens for all the QLK flights!

Is it possible for me to see the status / progress of this ticket (BCK-8755) or get a notification once it’s been done?

That is an internal ticket for other employees to access only. Additional feedback will be posted here when it is completed.

Hi, I’m following up on this issue that was first reported over 3 months ago. Can I please have an update or ETA on a fix. Thanks.

We hope to start work on that ticket in the next week or two.